Yoan Gouffran

{Profile Posted 29/08/12}

Date of Birth: - 25.05.1986

Height: - 5ft 9 inches

Position: -forward

Nationality: -French

Current Club: - Bordeaux

Estimated Market Value: - £10 million

Linked with: - Everton and Arsenal

Club Statistics


2007/2008 season– 36 matches, 10 goals and 7 assists

TOTAL 36 matches 10 goals and 7 assists


2008/2009 season– 38 matches, 3 goals and 2 assists

2009/2010 season– 38 matches, 5 goals and 4 assists

2010/2011 season– 34 matches, 13 goals and 4 assists

2011/2012 season– 2 matches, 1 goals and 0 assists

TOTAL 150 matches 22 goals and 10 assists –

International Statistics

France U21

2005/2008- season– 22 matches 3 goals

General Comments:

This is another player that ill be honest in saying, I haven’t been able to see much of.

To start with Yoan is a very fast player, he easily breezes past defenders in Ligue 1 and it is almost certainly his best attribute. A lot players will have pace but usually get man handled of the ball, not Gouffran, his strength matches his pace and just literally makes him a tank!

For a winger his holding on the ball is exceptional, he can hold the ball up and bring others in to play which adds a whole different dimension to his game, its one of the many reasons why hes a versatile attacker. His finish is all very good, although he may not get himself into the positions from open play; hes still very good at finding the net, particulary from indirect freekicks.

His dribbling is also one of his strong points, he doesn’t use to many fancy skills but hes definitely skilful and can beat his man when he needs to. All his attributes match well and it should make him practically the perfect winger but he obviously has parts to his game that needs improving.

The most important part of his game he will need to improve is his crossing, to be frankly honest its abysmal, he has literally no end product, and its extremely frustrating for a player who has everything else. He really needs to work on his crossing if hes going to want to further his career.

Another thing that he needs to do is stop diving! He dives way too much for my liking and almost a joke how he falls over when hes so strong and fast. It is stupid as well because he would be in a perfect position to get his teammates to score but will just fall over with the faintest of touches.

To conclude, I would say Yoan Gouffran is an average player who can become just about above average, if he was to move to the EPL a mid-table team would suit him perfectly (Everton haha), he has everything to become a very good player but his final ball, his decision making lets him down massively and therefore stops him from progressing.

Summary of Gouffran;

Strengths: finishing, pace, strength, dribbling and ball control

Weaknesses: passing, final ball, decision making and diving

The Business End of the Profile;

Prior to Kevin Mirallas signing for Everton, Everton had shown an interest in the player. It may still be there, but seems less likely with the signing of Mirallas, as I say. There has also been interest from Arsenal, although again this interest seems to have disappeared. We are unsure where he could move, and if he will move.


{A profile by Ed062}