Yann Mvila

{Profile Updated on 03/07/2012}

Date of Birth: - 29th June 1990

Height: - 6 ft 0inches

Position: - Defensive midfielder

Nationality: - French

Current Club: - Rennes

Estimated Market Value: - 17 million Pounds.

Linked with: - Inter Milan

- Arsenal

- Real Madrid

- Manchester United

- Manchester City

- Bayern Munich

- Juventus


- Barcelona (however, it remains how clear the interest is from them)

Career Statistics


2009/2010 season - 39 appearances, 0 goals.

2010/2011 season - 41 appearances, 3 goals and 1 assist.

2011/2012 season - 50 appearances, 1 goal and 2 assists.

TOTAL - 130 appearances, 4 goals and 3 assists.

General Comments

Yann M'Vila - the latest media darling. Now, the reason I say that, is because nobody is really sure what his situation is with regards to where he could go, why he's going etc etc. Prior to 2012, not many people had actually heard of him, but this year he has put in some very, very impressive performances.

From what I have seen of him, he is a traditional defensive midfielder. As we all know, this position for some time was called the 'Makalele', but in my opinion, M'vila is beginning to surpass even him with his power and ability to pass. In these current times of football, the emphasis is becoming more and more around passing, as we can see with the likes of Barcelona etc. Without doubt, Yann M'Vila gives you passing - and passing of the highest quality. He may not pick out the most complex of passes, but the ones he does pick out for me are world class, because they start counter attacks, they break down defenses and then win games.

In my opinion, M'Vila would be a great asset to the Premier League, because he likes to get the ball down, and play. One of my favourite things about him is he seems to keep his chin up constantly, as he always seems to be watching the field of player ahead, almost anticipating that the ball will be passed to him, and when it is, he'll know exactly where to pass etc.

On the other hand, there has been much speculation regarding M'Vila's attitude problems, and that could be a real problem for him, as this can really put clubs off of trying to sign you, therefore stifling a players career. I'd say that in some games his attitude is rather apparent, as if he doesn't get passed to as often as he wishes, then he seems to get in a little bit of a mood and seems to almost disappear from games. To back this up, when he made appearances at Euro 2012, I don't seem to recall hearing his name a lot during the games, because I think he seems to struggle around players 'bigger' (in stature) than him. I feel that at the moment he's a big fish in a little pond, but if he were to join a 'big' club such as Arsenal, Manchester United or Real Madrid, I'm concerned on how he as an individual would cope with the added pressure and less limelight as it were.

Would M'Vila cut it in the Premier League? - Yes, very easily in my opinion. However, he needs to work on his attitude in order to cement his place within the league, and to really show his true potential, but I fully believe he could do it if he put his mind to it.

The Business End of the Profile.

Now, I'm sure this is the most important part of the profile, due to the level of speculation involving M'Vila and his future. I've done a little digging, and with the help of Ed002 then I've been able to find out the latest regarding his future.

As I understand it, M'Vila is there for Arsenal's taking. All Arsenal need to do, is bid for M'Vila and then he's theirs, it's that simple. However, I'm unsure why they haven't bid yet, as, surely, if Wenger truly wanted M'Vila he would have bid by now? According to speculation, Wenger changed his mind on bringing M'Vila to the Emirates due to M'Vila's attitude, but I'm not sure that is the case to be honest. If Wenger has changed his mind, I would imagine it's because of the price of M'Vila more than anything else - as we all know Wenger doesn't like to spend more than he has to on a player. However, I feel that M'Vila is worth that extra bit of money, as in a few years he could be worth much, much more.

As for the other teams, then to be honest with you if Arsenal decides against bidding, then M'Vila could end up at any single on of the clubs. I personally doubt he would sign for United, and I believe that City will give their efforts in signing Javi Martinez, but if that fails then M'Vila could well be on their radar. PSG could well be interested in M'Vila also, but it would depend on Rennes and if they would be happy to sell to another French side, as I believe they'd prefer to sell him to a different country. Italy is certainly an option for the player, but I remain unsure on if M'Vila would be open to such a move, as I believe he is seeking a move to the PL, or La Liga.

Thanks all,


{Ed022's note - I would also like to add that as of today (03/07/2012) then my comments about his attitude have been proven right, as M'Vila is currently under investigation from the French FA for getting moody when being substituted. Sorry, just thought I'd add it here at the bottom.}