Wilfried Zaha

Wilfried Zaha
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Dazet Wilfried Armel Zaha

Current Club: Crystal Palace.

Previous Clubs: Manchester United, Crystal Palace.

Loan Clubs: Crystal Palace, Cardiff City, Crystal Palace.

International: Ivory Coast 9 caps 2 goals.

Trophies Won: Community Shield 2014.

Zaha is a case of 'what could have been' if ever I have seen one. In terms of physical ability, technical skill and application, Zaha has it all, but somehow he was unable to put it together away from Selhurst Park and even there something is missing which holds him back. I am not referring to his constant, and blatant, dives, or his whining about not getting free kicks because of his blatant diving.

Though that whining is a part of his issue. It is the mental aspect of the game that lets him down. Zaha's constant whines to the press about how he needs protection etc have just shown opposing defenders that he can be got at and it bothers him when he is challenged physically. He lacks the mental strength that is needed, he needs the comfort of home and the love of everyone to make himself feel special to perform.

The moment things go against him, he fades away, starts losing his head and Zaha becomes a liability. It was why he failed at Man Utd. He was not the star, the centrepiece of the team, Zaha was just another player in the squad and, instead of standing up and proving himself, he hid away and flopped out of the team and back home to where he felt loved.

On the plus side Zaha is very strong and incredibly quick, with lightning acceleration which enables him to burst past opponents before they can react. He has incredibly quick feet and a good centre of balance (though that always vanishes the moment he gets into a dangerous area to win a setpiece), with an ability to dance through challenges and drive at defences.

His first touch is superb, but his final ball, whether a shot or cross, can often be wayward, which may be why he so often looks to go down, as it is likely to have more of an effect than a cross or pass will. For Palace he is the key to everything they do and that suits him, the question is whether Zaha can ever do that anywhere else and it may never be answered. The Palace fans will certainly hope we never get to find out.

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