Tony Watt

Name:Tony Watt


Age: 20

Estimated Value: 5m (market value)

Linked clubs: WBA, Liverpool, Sunderland and other pl clubs.

Career Stats:

2011/12 Games: 3 (sub appearances) Goals: 2

2012/13 Games: 2 Goals: 2

General Comments:

I haven't seen much of Watt but I will try my best with this profile. Tony Watt burst onto the scene after scoring 2 on his debut for Celtic against Kilmarnock I believe, ever since he has been known as the next big thing within Scottish football and has been recently linked with Liverpool, therefore I decided to do this profile. By the way I had read an article saying he had been offered or had a trial for Liverpool when he was 16, however he left Aidrie for Celtic which was a wise decision in my opinion.

Watt is an extremely direct player from the clips I have seen he just loves to run at players. When you look at him he doesn't look like he has the pace he actually has. The guy is rapid, seriously fast. I think that is part of the reason why he is good, because defenders don't expect him to have the turn of pace he has, that's what I believe anyways. He is very strong player too, this is why he is direct, strong and quick and this absolutely terrorises defenders especially in the league he is in because the defenders seem to be particularly slow in the SPL in my opinion.

However this can lead me nicely onto one of his weaknesses, sometimes he likes to rely on his pace and strength a little too much in my view, for example in one game I watched of him there was a simple pass on, instead he tried to skin the defender, the full back got his body between man and ball then Watt gave away a needless free kick, he did this a couple more times in the reserve games I saw him too. Another weakness he has is his frustration and his laziness. If he misses a chance where he feels he should of scored he gets frustrated and beats himself up about it, and the lazy aspect of his game was evident in the reserve games he had done something good in a certain game it was like he awarded himself 5-10 mins rest where he would be lazy as if he had earned the right if you get what I mean.

Back to the final strength of his though and probably his best or one of the best attributes you can have as a young forward is his composure. His goal vs St Mirren, where he broke clear through the defense then calmly stroked the ball into the corner opitimised the composure he has, when in the box he will use the right finish at the right time if you understand what I mean.If he has to smash the ball then he will if he can curl it in the corner he will, it's his composure that allows him to make the right decision when finishing.

Would Watt cut it in the premiership?

No at the moment he would not. Simply because the better defenders would work there way around his pace and would isolate him out the game then he would get frustrated and be ineffective. However when he is older and learns more tricks and becomes a better all round player then he would be a a real gem.

Summary of Watt:

Strengths: Pace, Strength, Finishing, Composure.

Weaknesses: Frustration, relies on pace and strength, occasional laziness.

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