Toni Kroos

Name: Toni Kroos

Age: 22

Height: 6ft

Estimated Value: 20-25m

Linked Clubs: Chelsea, Man City, and other teams around Europe.

Career Stats:

2007/08: Games 3- Goals 0

2008/09: Games 10- Goals 2

2009/10: Games 28- Goals 9

2010/11: Games 30-Goals 2

2011/12: Games 47- Goals 7

2012/13: Games 15- Goals 4

General Comments:

Kroos endured a tough start to life at Munich. He arrived from Leverkusen as an attacking midfielder, since then after some fairly poor form he was move back into the defensive midfield role where he has flourished.

Kroos' main strength is his passing and vision, he has great passing ability he loves to be on the ball and spray passes all over the park. He is almost like a metronome in midfield linking play from defence to attack, and he knows what pass is appropriate too. He will play the simple ball to keep the game ticking over but when possible he likes to thread a ball through for the attackers. He still can play in his attacking midfield role which can make him versatile for a side but his best position is the deeper role for me. This allows him to make those late runs into the box or to the edge like Gerrard in his prime and if you watch his goals some are similar, his goals are like a mix between Lampard and Gerrard. Kroos is and key cog for me for Bayern, although he has the technical ability he allows players like Muller, Robben, and Ribery to express themselves.

However his weaknesses are that he is not a very strong player for all his technical ability put him up against a team like Stoke or a Sam Allardyce team then he would just get absolutely battered in the middle of midfield and he would be wasted in the game and would be a passenger. This is a problem Bayern don't seem to have addressed. In the Premiership you would expect a weaker player to be told to bulk up, and he doesn't seem to have addressed the problem of his strength, maybe because the Bundeliga isn't a physical league I don't know, but if I had him as my player I would tell him to bulk up to be a better all round player. Another weakness of his is the time he takes on the ball, this doesn't really effect him now but if he came to England he would slaughtered the pace of the game would absolutely kill him. He also seems to shy out of tackles which would be another problem if he came to England.

Would Kroos cut it in England?

No, is the simple answer. Teams would just muller him, the pace would kill him and it's a great shame because he has real good technical ability. He would be better suited to the Italian or Spanish game where he could express himself and play his football.

Summary of Kroos:

Strengths; Passing, Vision, Versatility.

Weaknesses; Strength, Too much time on ball, Pace.

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