Tomer Hemed

{Profile Posted 29/10/12}

Date of Birth: - 02.05.1987

Height: - 5ft 11 inches

Position: - Striker

Nationality: - Israeli

Current Club: - RCD Mallorca

Estimated Market Value: - £8 Million

Linked with: - Liverpool

Club Statistics

Maccabi Haifa U19

21 matches, 10 goals.

Maccabi Herzilya

2007/2008 season - 16 matches, 3 goals.

Bnei Yehuda

2008/2009 season - 28 matches, 1 goal.

Maccabi Ahi Nazareth

2009/2010 season - 33 matches, 9 goals and 6 assists.

Maccabi Haifa

2010/2011 season - 33 matches, 12 goals and 6 assists.

RCD Mallorca

2010/2011 season - 34 matches, 10 goals and 2 assists.

2010/2011 season - 8 matches, 6 goals and 1 assists.

TOTAL - 42 matches, 16 goals and 3 assists

International Statistics

Israel U17

12 matches and 1 goal.

Israel U18

12 matches and no goals.

Israel U19

22 matches and 1 goal.

Israel U21

3 matches and no goals.


2010/2011 season - 4 matches, 1 goal and 1 assist.

2011/2012 season - 3 matches, 1 goal and no assits.

2012/2013 season - 4 matches, 6 goal and no assits.

TOTAL - 11 matches, 8 goals and 1 assist.

General Comments:

Well, Hemed is a player who has been continuously linked with Liverpool over the last month or so, and a player that Liverpool has seemingly watched extensively. However, I will get more onto this later in the transfer section.

Anyway, Hemed is that fox in the box type player. He is always lurking around the 6 yard box, looking to pick up on scraps, crosses or mistakes from the opposition. When you watch him, half his goals just come from when the ball is bouncing around in the box and he just gets his foot or head onto the end of it. Most of his goals are not even finished with the greatest skill or technique, but he gets them in somehow or other, which is the key attribute of the goal scorer.

But Hemed is also a very good finisher with any part of his body, left foot, right foot and with his head. What is also quite funny is that he is a right footed player, but most of his goals come on his left foot, and he has probably scored more spectacular goals with his left foot also. He does also have very good technique. He keeps shots down well; head over the ball. He has a good technique for the volley, and also always gets a lot of power on his shots, which means that even if placement isnt the best speed and power can beat the goalkeeper.

Furthermore, he is also great in the air, and has scored some spectacular headers! He reminds me of Dempsey when he is in the air, as he is big and strong, meets the ball well, and directs his hearers well also. Hemed is also a very pacey player, and when he does take on a player he can beat them for pace. However, he is a poor player if he is out wide or gets isolated, and needs to be high up the pitch and be given a shot on a plate for him. He is not the Suarez type player who will fashion a chance for himself.

However, there are a few weaknesses to his game. Firstly, as mentioned, he is not the sort of player you can just isolate up front and hope that he will fashion a chance for himself. Also he is not the sort of player that will drift out wide and be a really good team player. He is a selfish player, who will need chances delivered on a plate to him. However, if that chance is put on a plate for him then it is more than likely he will put it into the net.

Furthermore, a problem with the player seems to be his attitude. He seems to have problems with his attitude and anger. However, I am unable to expand further on this as I am not too sure about it myself, but the people I have spoken to about the player have all mentioned that he has these attitude problems which can and have caused some problems.

Finally, something that I have picked up when he is playing is his weight. However, this is only by looking at the player; he just seems a bit heavy and large. However, I will blame the TV on this occasion and give him the benefit of the doubt!!

So overall, Hemed is that natural finisher; that fox in the box type player. In his position he can score from anywhere, with anything, but take him out of his natural comfort zone then he can struggle and become a weakness for the team.

Would Hemed cut it in the Premiership?

No, I dont think that he would. Although he is a good finisher, he has never scored that many goals consistently over the course of a season. Therefore, if he is not scoring, then he does not offer anything new or anything else to the team. I also feel that the attitude problems witch I have been told about could be a problem should he move to this country.

Summary of Hemed:

Strengths: Finishing; left or right foot, heading, pace, low wages and a fox in the box.

Weaknesses: Attitude, weak outside of the box and tricks/flicks etc.

The Business End of the Profile:

As was briefly mentioned at the top of the profile, Hemed is a player that Liverpool have had watched over the course of a few weeks and probably months now. Whether we make a move for him or not is to be found out when we enter January, but, it seems that he will not be too expensive to buy, and, again as mentioned his wages are low, I believe around 5,000 euro per week, which is what some of our youngsters will no doubt be on. Therefore, a low fee and wages will make him a low risk option. However, he has been speaking out of interest from Liverpool which, other players have done in the past. And they only usually speak out if interest has cooled in them or they are trying to engineer a move away. However, we have been watching him carefully, so what happens next is soon to be found out.

Thanks, and I look forward to your comments and questions. I also urge you to continue to make more profile requests.

{A profile by Ed052}