Tom Ince

Name: Tom Ince

Height: 5ft 10in

Position: Forward (winger or inside forward)

Estimated Value: £6m (Blackpool may ask for more as they are tough negotiators)

Linked Clubs: Liverpool, Manchester United and other PL Clubs

Career Stats:

2010/11 Notts County- 9 games, 2 goals, 0 assists

2011/12 Blackpool- 40 games, 8 goals, 8 assists

2012/13 Blackpool- 19 games, 13 goals, 8 assists

General Comments:

Well Tom Ince eh the one that got away I believe is the turn of phrase, looks like he will be a January signing for Liverpool as things stand but many other big clubs including Manchester United have looked and are interested in him but anyway onto the profile. I first saw him back when he was at Liverpool in the academy and reserve sides and then I saw him when he was loaned to Notts County, then obviously when he was playing at Blackpool. I have followed this lad pretty much all through his young career and not because I am one of these weird football fans who follow a certain player wherever he goes nor because I like watching young kids either ;p.

Seriously though, this lad was raved about at Liverpool though "next John Barnes" was pretty much in every single sentence with his name in, which in fairness can't have helped the lad with that much pressure but he doesn't really strike me as the sort of lad that would have a problem with that sort of thing. He was very average at Liverpool and only a little better at Notts county, then we got rid which for anyone moaning at why we let him go, was the right decision. Ince went to Blackpool where he has dramatically improved as a player he has come on leaps and bounds since his reserve days. Regular football has really helped him improve his game.

It is only a matter of time before he moves because Blackpool can't keep him away from the big clubs for too long. Liverpool would be a much better place for him to go to be honest and I am bias, but I think Rodgers is the type of manager he craves, because Rodgers will put an arm round his shoulder and look after him which is also a weakness because he strikes me as the sort of player who needs to be pampered. Rodgers would also help him become a much better all round player too.

For example, Ince is a tricky, pacey winger with a great left foot; but he doesn't track back and this is a big concern for me I hate lazy wingers, I cannot stand them. Another problem Ince would have would be the high intense pressure which Rodgers would want from him, I am not too sure he could hassle a defender and chase lost causes. However on the positives of his game, as I touched on earlier he has a great left foot which he has really worked on, before he could put in one good ball, then too put 3 bad crosses in now he is much more accurate and has better crossing although he still isn't pinpoint but i won't be to harsh on him there because he has worked on it a lot.

He is also a very cool player, in front of goal this year and last if he gets a chance you just know where it will go, and as a winger/inside forward he really adds alot of goals from the wide areas which is another aspect of his game which would suit Liverpool because that is what they need. He has alot of tricks, whenever he gets one of one with a defender 7/10 he will go past him, however he uses to many tricks at times it's like he goes past one and it would be good play then he just needs to give the simple pass rather than take on the whole defence however in recent games he has got a bit better at this and has become less greedy. That was another problem he has tried to cut out of his game he is a greedy player that is his nature which can serve him well because he gets lots of goals but when he plays with better players at the top level he needs to cut this out.

Finally, another thing I feel he could improve is his left footedness if there is such a word, if he has an opportunity then he wants to take it on his left foot in the league he is in at the moment he can get away with it because the standard of defending isn't amazing but at the top level he would need to improve his weak foot.

Summary of Ince:

Strengths: Pace, Skills, Crossing, Technique, Finishing, great left foot.

Weakness: Attitude, Work ethic, one footed, can overwork the ball and use too many skills.

Would Ince cut it in the Premiership?

Yes, but only if he works on the weak aspects of his game that I touched on then he would be a really great player. Obviously being bias I want him at Liverpool, but also because I think Rodgers would be the ideal manager for him, Rodgers works wonders with wingers as shown in Sinclair and Dyer, both were pretty average until Rodgers coached them. Therefore I think Brendan would be the right man to coach Ince and make him into a real cracking player.

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