Timo Horn

Timo Horn
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Timo Horn

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Current Club: 1.FC Koln.

Previous Clubs: N/A.

Loan Clubs: N/A.

International: N/A.

Trophies Won: German Bundesliga 2 (second tier) 2013/14, 2018/19.

The 28 year old has spent his entire career with Cologne, after being born there and coming through the youth academy. It would make me question his ambition, normally, as Horn has been very close to breaking into the German team and a move might just have been the step he needed to make.

In his case though, having watched a fair bit of him for this profile, I think I can understand why he has chosen to stay with his hometown club. Putting it bluntly, Horn just is not good enough for that next step and his style of goalkeeping would leave him exposed in a team that wants a keeper to be more involved in the play.

He is not afraid to have the ball at his feet and play short passes around the back or roll it out short, if he is under no pressure. The moment Horn is put under the slightest bit of pressure, he puts his foot through it and kicks long.

It is certainly a safe, no-risk way of dealing with things, but at the top level you need to take risks for the chance of rewards. Horn's accuracy with the longer kicks is not the best either, which is also not a help when he is going long.

The most worrying aspect of his play, for top level football, is how deep he stays. Horn is rooted to his line almost throughout the games. He does show decent foot speed when coming out to close an attacker down, but he clearly prefers to be on that line.

His reflexes and positioning on the line are good, but Horn's lack of ability to come out and sweep up is a major problem. It makes him an excellent keeper in second tier football, like the Bundesliga 2, but just an average, at best, keeper in a top tier league.

All a long cry from the keeper who rejected a move to Liverpool a few years ago. Perhaps he has just stagnated at Koln and so Horn has regressed as a goalkeeper. Maybe a move would have been what he needed, but for me I just do not see a top level keeper in him.

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