Theo Walcott

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Date of Birth: - 16/03/1989

Height: - 5ft 8''

Position: - Striker, RM, Right CAM.

Contracted: - Yes. Arsenal.

Build: - Small, but stocky.

Injuries: - Multiple short term leg injuries.

Estimated Market Value: - £18 million.

Linked with: - No body anymore, due to recently signing a new deal.


Strength- Despite his small build, he is quite a strong player.

Power- Very powerful once he gets into his running. Surprisingly hard to muscle of the ball.

Jumping- He is small, so doesn't get very high.

Speed- Very quick. Sometimes over reliant on pace.

Reaction- Good reactions.

Endurance- Good endurance, can run all match. Sometimes he can get worn out towards the end with lots of running.

Body Movement- Very agile due to height. Twists and turns very well.

Work Rate- Good work rate and will hassle the back 4.


First Touch- Decent first touch. Often traps the ball well, but can give it away. Needs improving.

Weaker Foot- A good weaker foot for passing and shooting. Not good enough for crossing.

Passing- A good accurate short passer.

Tackling- Poor in the tackle.

Heading- Poor due to his height.

Dribbling- A great dribbler who can use his pace to get past opponents, as well as skill. However, rarely he will run into blind alleys and trouble.

Decision Making- Poor. The main criticism is Walcott picks the wrong option. He very often still does, and it has only marginally improved over the years. His quality of ball has improved greatly, however.


Attacking Corners- Takes corners, or offers and option.

Defending Corners- On the break option.

Attacking Free Kicks- Taker or offering an option. Sometimes, if playing as the striker he can look for a follow up e.g. if the goalkeeper spills the shot.

Defending Free Kicks- In the wall, or an on the break option.


Courage- Can sometimes pull out of tackles and challenges.

Confidence- Very confident, sometimes overly so, by trying too much.

Communication- Poor communication. Often picks the wrong pass for teammates,

Motivation- Always motivated for the team.

Concentration- Good composure in front of goal.

Temperament- Hard working, and a team player.

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