Update: 01/06/2013

Date of Birth: - 19.11.1993

Height: - 5ft 10''

Position: - Central Midfield, Attacking Midfield, Left Wing, Deep Playing Playmaker, behind the front man.

Nationality: - Spanish

Current Club: - Liverpool

Estimated Market Value: - So hard to tell, as he is worth around £2 million, but if he were to be sold, I would want over £20 million for him!!

Linked with: - Nobody, but perhaps soon if a loan becomes a possibility.

Player Potential: 8/10

Club Statistics


2011/2012 season - No matches, no goals and no assists.

2012/2013 season - 20 matches, no goals and 1 assist.

International Statistics

Spain U17

2009/2010 season- 6 matches, 4 goals and no assists.

Spain U19

2011/2012 season - 1 match, no goals and no assists.

2012/2013 season - 5 matches, no goals and no assists.

TOTAL - 6 matches, no goals and no assists.

Spain U21

2012/2013 season - 2 matches, no goals and 1 assist.

General Comments:


Suso is a dreamy type of player, he truly is. He has all those beautiful Spanish qualities to his play, the little exquisite touches, the pinpoint passing and the fantastic reading of the game.

Anyway, let me get a bit more in depth about all of these qualities. Firstly, as I mentioned in my Cazorla profile, I like a player with the attacking instinct and qualities, which Suso has in bundles. What I mean by attacking instinct is being able to read the game, see player's runs, spot a pass, cross or through ball, and then be able to produce the pass/cross/through ball needed. Suso is fantastic at this, he can read the game, and spot those team mates. He can then also produce that pass needed to put his teammates in good positions.

He is also that typical Spanish midfielder who will pass, and pass and pass again. They all love to pass, and Suso is a little master at it. He always seems to be able to find a teammate, whether it is a close short pass, or a long, cross field ball. His passing range is also very good, and he can spread the ball far and wide across the pitch. Obviously, being so young, occasionally these passes will go wrong, but he makes them more times than he doesn't, which is impressive from a player so young. As I mentioned, it helps that he can read the game so well, and passing and reading of the game go hand in hand.

Anyway, more onto the technical parts of his game. I have mentioned his passing, but his crossing and finishing are also very good. His crossing is exceptional because of the why he can get whip onto the ball, and he gets it just in the danger zone - where attackers attack, but the goalkeeper can get caught out. Furthermore, he is a fantastic finisher. Obviously the whip he gets helps him to curl the ball into the corners, but also, he always keeps composure in front of goal, and seems to always tuck the ball home nicely. Finally, to conclude, he has some tricks!! He doesnt use them very often, but when he does they are very special. For those Liverpool fans, you may have seem him vs. Toronto, when he had two men on him, shimmied past one, beat the other one, then almost scored with a terrific shot. When he uses those skills it can shock the opposition, as he uses them rarely, but they are very effective when he does use them.

However, I need to mention those things Suso needs to improve to become a terrific, World class player. He isn't that good in the tackle, but fair play to him, he is getting better at the defensive side of his game, and Borrell has instilled in his entire reserve squad that helping out teammates and tracking back is important. However, he does need to improve his tackling - as it is a weakness.

Furthermore, he relies to much on his left foot - and hardly ever uses his right foot. It isn't too much of a problem, as his left foot gets him out of many of these problems, but sometimes not having a reliable right foot can cause problems. Also, I believe that to be a classy, spectacular player, you need a weak foot which is actually reliable. Suso needs to work on his right foot more so that it isn't a weakness. To be the best he can - he needs a right foot that is decent.

To conclude the bad points about Suso, he is a small player, and is not that strong. However, this is a problem with all Spanish players really, and something he will have to work on as much as possible (strength). However, at the beginning of last season he had a dip in form, but then came out of it a stronger player - so I think he has finishing growing now - so can concentrate on playing more, and getting bulkier. Also, before I forget to mention it, Susos movement can be lacking sometime. He seems to get stuck in the middle, and doesnt seem to be doing anything, neither going forward or backwards. This was less of a problem in the reserves, but stood out more for the First Team - so im guessing that it is more of a confidence issue now he has stepped up.

END OF SEASON UPDATE - In my opinion, Suso had a very good breakthrough season. He managed to get games under his belt, and still managed to impress despite playing out of position more times than in position. Although he is a decent player out wide, he is better straight through the middle. Although he didn't score, he still offered plenty of attacking threat, and probably feels he should have contributed with a goal or two. Also, he did show what he is all about with some wonderful through balls. However, we will never see the best of Suso until he slots into the middle. Moreover, he started off for Liverpool very well, and gradually declined, hence why he didn't play that much for the first team in the second half of the season.

For Suso next season, I expect that he will get a few more chances again, as he did quite well when he dropped down to reserve level, and did show he was a cut above. He needs to continue to work hard on his game, and to try and improve his strength and tackling, while also working hard for the team. I also want to see him take the opportunities he gets, so perhaps a little bit of finishing practise.

In terms of what next season holds I think that he will probably go out on loan. First team opportunities were limited by just the Coutinho signing, and with the possibility of Alberto and more coming in, chances would be even more limiting. However, he is highly thought of, and won't be pushed that much down the pecking order. Making a big impression in preseason will also determine if he goes on loan, or whether Rodgers will give him some chances in the first team.

Would Suso cut it in the Premiership?

Yes he will. It's not a question of deliberation, it's just YES!! He has all those qualities needed, he has the eye for a pass, the fantastic technique, the little bit of added quality and skill that makes him a step above. He shone for the U18 and the Reserves, and stepped up for the Pre - Season friendlies, and was a cut above many of the first team regulars. We will see a lot more of this lad, who will lead Liverpool forward in years to come.

Summary of Suso:

Strengths: Eye of the needle passing, crossing, general short and long passing, finishing, tricks and flicks, intelligence, always finds a team mate.

Weaknesses: Strength, tackling, movement, height, predominant left foot, consistency and fatigue (of the Premiership).

What he needs to work on:.

As I have mentioned, getting stronger, building up his confidence when he is playing in the first team, and working on improving his right foot - so that he doesn't just rely on his left peg.

Players he is similar to:

Santi Cazorla - Passing

David Silva - All round play (movement, left foot, eye of the needle passing)

Where should he continue his development:

Out on loan for a bit - as otherwise he won't play the number of games he needs to be to improve. However, it needs to be somewhere where the team plays real football. Cardiff perhaps, or Swansea or maybe even Bolton, who seem to be playing good football at the minute.

The Business End of the Profile:

Unfortunately, or rather fortunately for Liverpool fans he will not be going anywhere this summer - unless on loan anyway. Hopefully he won't go anywhere ever, but not for a long time anyway. Suso signed a new deal during the season and will be staying at Liverpool for a number of years yet I am sure. As mentioned a loan is very possible, especially with more attacking signings. Also if he doesn't impress too much in pre-season, I expect he will get a chance of loan. Perhaps at Wigan.


{A profile by Ed052}