Simon Mignolet

{Profile Posted 24/06/13}


Date of Birth: - 06/03/1988

Height: - 1.93m

Position: - Goalkeeper.

Contracted: - Yes. Sunderland (moving to Liverpool)

Build: - Tall. Slim.

Injuries: - No major.

Estimated Market Value: - £9m

Linked with: - Liverpool (where he will move). Arsenal.


Strength- He isn't very strong. When he tries to collect the ball, going through opponents, he doesn't have the strength to get past them. Then again, not many goalkeepers do. However, getting a bit stronger would be good.

Speed- He is a quick runner, and can move around his area very quickly.

Reaction- Very very good reactions. He is very nimble, and reacts quickly to lose balls, snap shots etc.


First Touch- He has a good touch, but I worry under pressure it may not hold up. Needs to improve a bit.

Passing- Very good. Many people say his distribution isn't good, but he is a very good and accurate long passer. Under pressure, his distribution is a little worse, and needs to improve. However, passing is certainly a strength of his game. He can play football.

Decision Making- Decent. He is fantastic at positioning during play, i.e. whether to come out, stay at home etc. However, he is very poor from set pieces (and crosses) and sometimes (far too often) comes when he shouldn't. He needs to make sure he comes when he has to from corners, otherwise he could cost goals.

Agility- He is a very nimble player, and is very quick. He reacts very quickly, especially to snap shots. A very good and important part of his game.

Handling- Superb. When shots come in, Mignolet has very good hands and often keeps hold of the ball. However, he needs to make sure when he comes for the ball from corners, he gets there and holds on. If he does get there, he almost always clings onto the ball - good handling.

Command of Area- Very good. He communicates well with his defence, and always encourages them to push out.


Defending Corners- As mentioned, Mignolet needs to be careful when he comes out to get the ball. He often comes out and fails to reach the ball. If he does reach it, he almost always holds on. He needs to improve punching if he goes for that option to clear the ball.

Defending Free Kicks- Same as above. Also, from direct free kicks, he is a superb shot stopper, and it is very hard to beat him.


Courage- Mignolet makes himself big in the one on one situation, and will dive in to try and stop goals. Very courageous, which is key for a goalkeeper.

Confidence- He can look nervous from corner situations (highlighted multiple times).

Communication- Superb. He communicates well with the back 4 and all defenders.

Motivation- He seems determined to get his team moving forward, and tries to get his team going by trying to launch counter attacks when possible (usually by rolling the ball out).

Concentration- He seems to keep very good concentration.

Temperament- Determined, hard working and wants to be a first choice goalkeeper.

Additional Comments

You may have read the above and are now thinking why Liverpool want to sign Mignolet, because all I seem to have mentioned are things that he needs to improve. And he does need to improve lots of things. He is only a very young goalkeeper, and probably wont be at his peak for a few years yet. However, one major criticism of him I have seen numerous times is distribution. But I believe he is a very good footballer, passer, and has good vision. He is also a great shot stopper and has great reflexes. Finally, he also brings organising attributes, such as communication, which are key. He does need to improve many things in his game, but most important is improving from crosses, and whether he goes to get the ball or not, and to stop him flapping when he does go for the ball. Its crucial that improves, otherwise it will always give opposition hope and could cost a few goals.

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