Samed Yesil

{Profile Posted 30/08/13}


Date of Birth: - 25/05/1994

Height: - 5ft 11''

Position: - Striker

Contracted: - Yes. Liverpool.

Build: - Small and slight.

Injuries: - Crucial Ligament. 8 month lay off.

Estimated Market Value: - £3m

Linked with: - No one.


Strength- A weak player who needs to get stronger for the first team.

Power- He is a weak player who can easily be dispossed shoulder to shoulder.

Jumping- Small, so cannot get a very high jump.

Speed- Very quick.

Reaction- Very good reaction e.g. to the goalkeeper spilling the ball.

Endurance- When fully fit, he will run hard all match.

Body Movement- Very agile, and can twist and turn past players.

Work Rate- A very hard worker for the team and will constantly put pressure on the back 4 in possession.


First Touch- A good first touch.

Weaker Foot- Needs to work a bit on his weaker foot to make him an all-round finisher, but it isn't bad i.e. he can pass with it, and shoot if needed.

Passing- A good short passer. Accurate. Passing long is poor.

Tackling- Poor. Striker tackling.

Heading- Poor in the air as he is so small.

Dribbling- A good dribbler, as he is agile and twists and turns well.

Decision Making- Very often decides to shoot. Sometimes it is the wrong option, but he is a great finisher, has a good long shot and is a predator in from of goal.


Attacking Corners- Front post or near option.

Defending Corners- On the break option.

Attacking Free Kicks- Can take free kicks, or ready for a tap in if the goalkeeper spills.

Defending Free Kicks- In the wall or an option for the break.


Courage- Gets stuck into challenges and isn't worried about getting injured when running at people.

Confidence- Good confidence in his own ability.

Communication- Good communication i.e. where he wants the ball.

Motivation- Always works hard and doesn't seem to get dejected.

Concentration- A classy composed finisher. No concentration problems.

Temperament- Hard working.

Additional Comments

Yesil is a good prospect, but had a tricky first year at Liverpool. He needs to get a run in the reserve team and get some goals under his belt, before looking for chances in the first team or a loan move.

{A profile by Ed052}