Ryan Fredericks

Ryan Fredericks
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Ryan Fredericks

Current Club: West Ham United.

Previous Clubs: Fulham, Bristol City, Tottenham Hotspur.

Loan Clubs: Middlesbrough, Millwall, Brentford.

International: N/A.

Trophies Won: N/A.

The first thing you notice about Fredericks when you watch him play is his pace. It is breathtaking. He is truly lightning fast. As an attacking wing back, he uses his pace very well to get him up and down the flanks well, but his weakness is that he relies on it rather than positioning for his defensive play. He does get caught upfield a lot and uses pace to get him out of trouble as much as possible, though sometimes that is not enough.

Fredericks weakness is his defending, though his delivery from wide areas is also a little lacking, the speed he moves at probably makes it difficult for him to put in a consistent ball. It might be as simple to fix as getting him to slow down just before he crosses, as Ryan Giggs learnt when he was struggling with his crossing on the run. Defensively he is weak in the tackle and rash. Players break his challenge fairly easily in the Championship, which might be an issue in the Premier League.

His runs and movement are very good getting forward and he has a good touch and is very good at getting involved in the build up. Playing for Fulham he was able to use their dominance of the ball at Championship level to be fully involved in the game and mitigate his defensive lapses by being so integral to the play on the ball. He might well struggle at the higher level, as he will be under more pressure defensively.

Technically he is very good, apart from in the air, which is another possible point that can be attacked, however he does have a decent leap, so he is not a major weakness, just inconsistent with the direction he heads it. To get the best from him, the Hammers will need to play the type of pretty, possession football the fans want to see. They can afford to give him the freedom to get forward, knowing he has blistering pace to get back when moves break down. At 25, the Hammers have finally got a right-back for the long term, something that they have been missing for a while.