Ryan Fraser

Ryan Fraser
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Ryan Fraser

Current Club: Bournemouth.

Previous Clubs: Aberdeen.

Loan Clubs: Ipswich Town.

International: Scotland 3 caps.

Trophies Won: N/A.

Fraser is all about energy, pace and workrate. Charging up and down, inside and out, always at pace, but never with thought. Raw is a good word for him, as he is immensely raw. There is no doubting his enthusiasm, but it is just directing his graft into the right areas that he needs to do. To refine his hard work to harness it in a useful direction, rather than just having a headless chicken charging about the pitch like a small boy in a schoolyard.

Physically he is short, stocky and powerful, never going to be an aerial threat due to his lack of height but strong enough to be able to bulldoze through defences when he is able to run at them. Unfortunately he does lack technique. He does not have the twinkly toes to dance his way through, it is hit and run after it. Technically he has little skill, his shooting is wayward, his crossing is poor and his passing is lacking.

A lot of his deficiencies are probably related to his tendencies to do everything flat out, he very rarely takes time to consider his options, he just does and hopes for the best. That lack of composure and calmness infests every area of his play. It can be a positive at times, particularly when coming on as a substitute against tired legs, when his energy is deflating for an already tiring opponent. Mostly it is a negative, as everything is so rushed, mistakes are made constantly.

If he could learn to slow things down and pick and choose his runs at the right time, rather than just all the time, he would be so much more effective. Recently Eddie Howe has harnessed his non-stop running in a wing back role at times, something that he is more suited to, as his ability to get forward and chase back for 90 minutes is extremely useful. Until he learns to use his brain, he is always going to be an impact sub at his best.