Ryad Boudebouz

{Profile Posted 31/05/2012}

Date of Birth: - 19th February 1990

Nationality: - Born in France, but has Algerian parents, therefore is eligable to represent Algeria.

Height: - 5ft 9inches.

Position: - Attacking Midfielder.

Club History: - Colmar

- Sochaux

Linked With: - Real Betis

- Lyon


- Spurs

- Liverpool

Estimated Market Value: - Around £6.5 million.

Club Career:

At age 10, Ryad Boudebouz joined the junior ranks of his local side SR Colmar where he stayed there for around 4 years, until age 14.

After spending the 4 years with Colmar, Boudebouz departed from his local side to join the FC Sochaux Academy.

Boudebouz made his debut 2 years later for the club's reserve side at the age of 16.

15th May 2008 - Boudebouz signed his first professional contract with the club agreeing to a three year deal tying him to the club until 2011.

4th October 2008 - Boudebouz made his first team debut for Sochaux, starting in a league match against Nice at the age of 18.

8th November 2008 - Boudebouz scored his first career goal, the winner in a 2-1 victory against Le Mans.

In the 2011/2012 season, Boudebouz made 32 appearances, scoring 5 goals after missing around a month with injury. It became clear towards the end of the season that Boudebouz was leaving Sochaux after spending 8 years with the French side.

International Career:

Boudebouz received a surprise call-up to the France under-21 squad, who were looking to start fresh after their elimination from the 2009 UEFA European Under-21 Football Championship, for a friendly against Denmark. However, Ryad decided to pass on the offer instead opting to continue playing with the under-19 team who were in the process of qualifying for the 2009 UEFA European Under-19 Football Championship, and they did eventually qualify.

4th May 2010 - Boudebouz was named to the Algeria national team 2010 World Cup preliminary squad, and he was then taken to the World Cup with the final 23-man-squad at the age of 20.

May 28th 2010 - Boudebouz made his debut for Algeria in a friendly against the Republic of Ireland. Starting the game on the bench, he made his debut from the bench in the second-half.

Club Statistics:

Sochaux - 135 appearances, 23 goals.

(Unfortunately I was unable to obtain the assist-count).

General Comments:

I'd just like to start by saying I apologise for the lack of statistical data in this profile, but I asked you lot if this would be ok and you were fine with it, so I will try and make up for the small content with more in-depth general comments.

My first impression of Boudebouz was that as a player, he is very skillful. It's odd though, as he seems to either do skill with a very lethargic attitude by doing them rather slowly, in which point opponents see right through it etc, but then other times he has amazingly quick feet and just goes past players like they aren't even there. With this being said, he always seems to be trying new approaches with regards to his skill, and he just seems to try and better himself every single game, try different things, and just try and have some fun I guess is the best way to put it.

However, it seems like a lot of the time you can see the cogs turning within his head, and often gives his opponent a clue of what he will try. There are very few instances where he cleanly goes through a player with skill, as he seems a bit... predictable at times, as he just seems to think about things a little too much. But with all due respect, Boudebouz has a tremendous amount of pace and it does compliment his skill, and make him seem a much better player in all fairness.

However, I do have concerns over his attitude, as he seems a little bit of a whiner - this is with regards to on the field, as if he becomes a little isolated he very rarely goes and works for the whole team, although he has shown he can do it in some games. I feel that he seems to get his head down a hell of a lot if things aren't going his way, and in addition to this when he's on the ball, he seems very confident, a little arrogant (which is good in my opinion) but its important he gets the right balance of confidence etc, which I feel he's slightly lacking at the moment.

All in all, he seems a good little player, but nothing overly special. To summarise, he is a quick player who shows flashes of potential, but can be a little stroppy and a little lazy. I believe that Boudebouz may not have enough to cut it in the Premier League, as he does remind me of a slightly slower Taraabt, and so far Taarabt hasn't shown a hell of a lot in the Premier League (although he could next year?). With this in mind, it may take him far too long to settle etc, and may be a bit of a risky purchase. However, for £6million, is it a massive risk?

Now, onto the business end of this profile, at the moment, it looks like Lyon have to best chance of signing Boudebouz at the moment. All I do know for certain, is that he will leave Sochaux this summer, but it's a matter of where to. Liverpool have been asked to keep updated on his situation, so if Lyon comes in with a bid, it is certainly possible for Liverpool to bid also. With this in mind, I'm unsure where he will be next season, as until the whole Liverpool management, behind the scenes stuff is sorted, then it's difficult to say who Rodgers etc will want for the side, and he may not approve of Boudebouz. Therefore, I'd say Lyon are in the driving seat at the moment.

Thanks all,