Ruben Neves

Ruben Neves
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Ruben Diogo da Silva Neves

Current Club: Wolverhampton Wanderers.

Previous Clubs: FC Porto.

Loan Clubs: N/A.

International: Portugal 5 caps.

Trophies Won: N/A.

There are two things that come to mind when I think back to Ruben Neves' performances last season. Firstly that he was head and shoulders above every other player in the English Championship, even though he is still only 21 now. Secondly that Portugal made a huge mistake leaving him out of their squad for the World Cup, as he should have been the hub of that central midfield. He is far better than any of their central midfield options they did take.

The problem with judging him last season is that he was so much better than everyone around him, even than some of his team-mates, that it is difficult to assess him. For instance, not having the chance to watch every game he played, I could not really judge him physically, as he never had to really utilise pace or strength in the game I watched. He did not seem to be a slow, lumbering carthorse of a midfielder like William Carvalho, for instance, nor did he seem to be a pacey, strong-running type, but it is difficult to be entirely sure.

What I could see was a player with excellent vision, the delivery to put the ball onto the foot of the player he has spotted making the run and good positional sense, which meant he had little need to chase about. Neves was adept at finding himself space and time, in a division that is normally helter-skelter and physically demanding. He made it look easy, rather than the intensely demanding division it is for most.

Pass and move, pass and move, with the odd blockbuster shot, including at least one stunning goal that I saw. Neves keeps the game simple, something Johan Cruyff would have been very impressed with, always looking to keep things moving and the opposition chasing shadows. He was not afraid to put his foot in either and acted as a good shield for the defence, as well as a creative playmaking hub. A Champions League player in the Championship, it will be interesting to see if he can still be as effective in the Premier League. I would certainly not bet against him continuing to be outstanding.

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Written by Ed001 June 30 2018 06:42:45