Rhian Brewster

Rhian Brewster
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Rhian Joel Brewster

Current Club: Swansea City on loan from Liverpool.

Previous Clubs: Chelsea.

Loan Clubs: Swansea City.

International: N/A.

Trophies Won: Under-17 World Cup 2017. European Champions League 2018/19. UEFA Supercup 2019/20.

Brewster shows clear signs of being a Jurgen Klopp-type player, with a good workrate and looking to press from the front as much as possible. He does not have the Firmino-level press, but his work ethic is above average and Brewster has no qualms with throwing himself into a challenge if he makes an error and gives the ball away.

That is one thing that will endear himself to supporters, even though his touch can be heavy and cost him possession, the desire to win it back is there. Added to Brewster's high press, despite his naivety in execution of them, it is enough to at least mean you can see he is trying.

However, a number of times he would press and it was wasted energy as his teammates at the Swans were not pressing with him. The naivety I refer to mainly comes in the form of a very marked tendency to grab defenders' shirts and pull them back when they beat him to a ball.

That could be in part due to Brewster's lack of physical strength, which means he can only hustle and hassle but can be brushed off far too easily. That is a particular problem when attempting to shield the ball, Brewster really struggles to do so and tends to end up on the floor far too easily.

In terms of movement, it is quite good and he drifts out to the right a lot with Swans, though that could well be a tactical instruction as his strike partner is mainly drifting left, with both widemen cutting in to replace him. Brewster does lack real pace, though he is quick, he is not lightning quick like someone such as Mbappe, but he is capable of some good inventive play.

He also has a very good leap on him and is surprisingly strong in the air, but his timing and technique is not the best so his direction is not perfect. One thing that does lead to him scoring is his liking for taking the ball and hitting it early, which often catches out lesser quality keepers.

While he is a decent striker of the ball, Brewster is not really smashing them from 40 yards into the top corner, it is very much about surprise or hiding them behind defenders so the keeper is unsighted to score. Overall he is a decent young striker, but a long way off being good enough to slot into a Premier League team at the top end, which is a real problem for his future with Liverpool.

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