Pablo Hernandez

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Date of Birth: - April 11, 1985

Height: - 1.73 m

Position: - Right wing, attacking mid.

Nationality: - Spanish

Current Club: - Swansea

Estimated Market Value: - 6 million pounds

Linked with: - Just moved

Club Statistics


2006/2007 season - 1 match, 0 goals

Cadiz (loan)

2006/2007 season - 22 matches, 4 goals


2007/2008 season - 28 matches, 3 goals


2008-2012 - 111 matches, 16 goals

International Statistics


2009/2012 - 4 matches, 1 goal

General Comments:

I like Pablo Hernandez. I like him a lot. Hes a player I admire a lot because of his work ethic, he never gives up. He has only made 4 appearances for the national side but thats simply because its Spain and if he were any other nationality he would be a regular, so hes quite unlucky in that sense.

I have watched a lot of Pablo Hernandez because I like watching Valencia a lot, they always have a few stars out there. The likes of Mata, David Silva, David Villa, Soldado have all played for Valencia at one point so they are an exciting team to watch. And Pablo Hernandez doesnt look out of place in the same team as any of them. In fact in certain games he has out shone the likes of David Villa and Mata which is an extremely impressive feat, and to be honest Im really surprised hes never gotten the move to a bigger club earlier as he is one hell of a player on his day.

Now on to what I like about Hernandez and why. He is a seriously pacey player, he can leave players in his wake in the blink of an eye, which lets face it every team could do with a player with such pace. Pablo Hernandez is also an incredibly skilful player, at times he has had 3 men on him and hes in the corner and the next minute hes skilled his way past all of them an torn off towards goal. Some of these skills that hes pulled off Ive only seen Ronaldo rival, they are just incredible and a real joy to watch. I would also have to say that I dont think Ive seen a winger who is better finisher in recent years. You would honestly think he is a striker because you give him half a chance and he punishes you, every single time. Ive seen him score some amazing goals, goals where hes lashed it from miles out and its flown in to the top corner, goals where hes beaten the keeper with a sublime chip from the edge of the box. But the finishes that impress me the most are the one on ones. These are the chances that infuriate a manager if the player misses but he always puts them away, without fail. Due to his pace he gets in behind he defence a lot which means he has a lot of one on ones, quite often a winger will miss these chances but this is where Hernandez is so impressive, dispatching each chance with consummate ease.

Another attribute that really impresses me about Pablo Hernandez is how tenacious he is. He simply does not give up on anything and is like a terrier hounding after the ball, not giving the opposition a moment to settle on the ball. I love players like this. Due to this tenacity and never say die attitude he wins the ball where he has no right to setting his team off on another attack. This is a valuable attribute for any player to have and Hernandez certainly has it.

Not all about Hernandez, however, is good. For me his final ball is far too inconsistent. Ive seen him whip the ball in just behind the backline for Soldado to knock home and yet ive seen times where all he needs to do is roll the ball square and he mis-places his pass, butchering a certain goal. This is not good enough and can leave his team mates infuriated with him, and rightfully so. This is particularly alarming as he is now 27 years old and supposedly coming into his peak years so surely his final ball should be good by now. Hernandez is also a very slight player. This is fine in the Spanish league, however if he were to move to the premier league or even the bundesliga this could be an issue. For all his tenacity Hernandez is still pushed off the ball with relative ease at times

Would Hernandez cut it in the Premier League?

I think he would yes. He would have to work on a few things but if he were to move to the premier league I feel he would be a big hit. His physicality would be the one thing I would worry about but I think he would make up for that his high work rate and pressure on the ball. I would personally love to see him in the prem this season as he is a fantastic player.

Summary of Hernandez:

Strengths: Pace, finishing, skill, tenacity, work rate.

Weaknesses: Physicality, inconsistent final ball.

The Business End of the Profile:

Pablo replaced Scott Sinclair for Swansea. The deal cost the Swans £5.55m (and know, I dont know why they haggled over 50k either). Seems a pretty cheap deal for the Swans too!!


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