Oscar Dos Santos


Date of Birth: - 9th September 1991

Nationality: - Brazillian

Position: - Attacking Midfielder

Current Club: - Internacional

Linked With: - Chelsea

Recent Club Statistics (Internacional): 11 goals in 36 appearances


Oscar is an Attacking Midfielder who can play in a wide position, but isn't known for his speed. He can play centrally behind the striker, but his strength is neither his finishing nor is he a flamboyant player determined to mesmerize the world with his skills and trickery. He, on the other hand, is a simple footballer who shows maturity beyond his tender years, and is considered to be fundamentally and technically one of the most complete player to emerge from Brazil.

Oscar is a two-footed player whose strength primarily lies in his unbelievable passing range. He keeps his head up at all times, evaluating all possible options before delivering a pass that is most likely to be completed or that will result in a better opportunity for a team-mate. It's not that he can't deliver a magical through ball or take opponents out by virtue of a measured long ball, its just that the kid prefers to keep things simple and that works. His off the ball movement, a willingness to track back and win the ball, to build attacks from deeper positions and help the defense by closing down opponents add to the belief that he's capable of controlling games from midfield. He is an excellent passer of the ball so he loves to play the one-two while running. He plays simple passes and if he loses the ball, he immediately tracks back. He also comes back to receive the ball, turn and move it forward into space.

Although its true that Oscar has mostly featured up the pitch in his short career, the talent he brings to the game can see him settle into the role of a deep-lying playmaker or a central midfielder by the time he reaches the peak of his career. Chelsea are so willing to invest heavily in a 20 year old shows that the club considers him to be a younger and a cheaper alternative to Luka Modric.

Since he is a very young player so there are bound to be be some weaknesses as well. One which clearly comes out is his physical strength due to which he does not put every thing into a tackle. Another thing is that he is not a good header of the ball. However, these things can be worked out with proper coaching & training.

Will Oscar Cut it in the Premier League? - Without any doubt he can make it into any of the top teams and make them better. He is an immense talent waiting to explode on the European scene.


Strengths - Great passing range, two-footed ability, Crossing, calm in possession of the ball, brilliant acceleration and agility, great balance when on and off the ball, Finishing and an excellent work rate.

Weaknesses - Physically not that strong and is not a great leaper or a good header of the ball.

The Business End of the Profile:

As you all might be aware that his current club have agreed a deal with Chelsea & Oscar has undergone a medical in Brazil. But the transfer will be announced after Olympics.

This is my first profile, so opinions & comments are welcome.

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