Nordi Mukiele

Nordi Mukiele
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Nordi Mukiele Mulere

Current Club: RB Leipzig.

Previous Clubs: Montpellier, Stade Laval, Paris FC.

Loan Clubs: N/A.

International: N/A.

Trophies Won: N/A.

A tall rangy right back or centre back, who can play either position with ease, though his positioning is still ropey, as his inexperience shows through at times. That is his biggest problem as a player, in terms of actual ability he is a stand out performer who big things are expected of.

His technique is impressive enough for him to be a regular corner taker, which usually is assigned to a player felt to have particularly good ball-striking technique. Mukiele's speed over the ground is also very impressive, it is the effortless pace of an Mbappe, eating up the ground as he glides over it.

That is very useful at full-back and defensively at centre back gives him incredible recovery pace, but it also has an extra use for when he is bringing the ball out from the back. That pace makes him almost impossible to stop until he is in dangerous areas as he accelerates so quickly if not being pressed that he can travel a good fifteen to twenty yards before anyone can react to close him down.

On the ball he has good close control and is calm and composed, making him very dangerous when raiding forward from right back, but even more dangerous when making runs from centre-back. Especially as he has good vision and a very good range of passing, Mukiele's crossing is also very good, even on the run.

Defensively he has excellent recovery pace, very good timing in the tackle and, as you would expect from a player who plays centre-back, is good in the air. He is a little on the lightweight side, though not weak, he can struggle in the rough and tumble of a penalty box when a corner is coming in, which might be a problem in a more physical league like the English one.

Overall he is another gem signed by RB Leipzig while young enough to develop and sell on for a large profit. Any club in need of a right back could do a lot worse than looking at him.

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Written by Ed001 June 15 2019 11:54:34