Nicolas Pepe

Nicolas Pepe
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Nicolas Pepe

Current Club: Arsenal.

Previous Clubs: LOSC Lille, SCO Angers, Stade Poitevin.

Loan Clubs: US Orleans.

International: Ivory Coast 18 caps 5 goals.

Trophies Won: FA Cup 2020.

The 25 year old is one of those players who looks so good on highlight reels, which is why it is understandable that Arsenal fans were so excited by his signing. Unfortunately, as is usually the case, the highlights do not even tell half the story about the player, though they do give the full picture about his qualities.

Pepe is fast, with a very quick acceleration, plus he has tricky feet which enables him to beat a man and get away from any attempt to catch him. On top of the ability to twist and turn his way out of tight spots Pepe also has an excellent strike on him, though inconsistent as he has a tendency to go for power rather than accuracy.

Unfortunately the rest of his game does not live up to that level, with his first touch, in particular, being poor and the ball often just bounces off him. His passing is often wayward and his workrate leaves a lot to be desired.

When it comes to decision making, Pepe is often seen to make the wrong choice. It is not just in terms of picking passes, when to run or pass, but in pretty much everything, including where to run and his timing of his runs is often terrible.

The problem I see with him is that he is so individual that he struggles to understand how to fit in with the team around him. Pepe just seems to think about his own game and never to have any idea of how to fit within a team framework.

That team play is a problem with him, as he is not good at helping out the full-back behind him, providing very little protection, which can be a particular problem if Pepe is not having an effect on the game in the attacking third. Something which he has struggled with since joining Arsenal, as he has been unable to get to grips with team instructions.

If Arteta can get to grips with the best way to use him, which will almost certainly mean using a system that allows him to play with freedom, or get Pepe integrated properly into the team system, then they might finally get to see a player who can be more than just a good highlights reel.

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Written by Ed001 August 30 2020 11:51:03