Nico Gaitan

{Profile Updated 11/07/2012}

Date of Birth: - 23rd February 1988

Height: - 5ft 7inches

Position: - Left Midfielder (but can play right-side also)

Nationality: - Argentinian

Current Club: - S.L. Benfica

Estimated Market Value: - The asking price is believed to be around 28 million Euro's.

Linked with: - Manchester United


- Inter Milan

- Napoli

- Barcelona

Club Statistics

Boca Juniors

2008/2009 season - 43 appearances, 6 goals and 4 assists.

2009/2010 season - 35 appearances, 7 goals and 8 assists.

TOTAL - 79 appearances, 13 goals, 12 assists.

SL Benfica:

2010/2011 season - 48 appearances, 9 goals and 10 assists.

2011/2012 season - 44 appearances, 4 goals and 15 assists.

TOTAL - 92 appearances, 13 goals, 25 assists.

General Comments

I've watched this player play for the past year or so and seen him develop at Benfica, and he really has not disappointed. He's complete class to be honest. To begin, I have to comment on his finishing ability, as when he's given an opportunity, boy does he seem to take it! I've seen him score some goals you just can't help but sit back and think, wow. His technique is fantastic with finishing, whether its with the outside of the boot, or simply passing it into the net.

Gaitan is also a very skillful player, and always looks to be trying out a new skill or a new trick to keep the opponent guessing, it's almost as if he uses opponents in a game as practice cones, where you try and get through the cones using different skills, trying to keep the ball glued to your feet, etc. it's actually rather bizaare, as he seems to be one of the only palyers in the world who seems to be able to do it at the moment. The funny thing is, Gaitan is actually very underrated in my opinion, and he should be being spoken about with the likes of Hazard, Hulk and Goetze. Why isn't he? Well to be honest, I'm really not sure myself.

Gaitans statistics speak for themselves with regards to assists, as he seems to be able to whip in a hell of a ball; or even picking out a man in the box with a simple side-foot pass. Gaitan just looks like he uses every match in order to learn something new, and tries to get as much out of a match as possible, which I think is a key asset to have. The best way to describe Gaitan is one word, would simply have to be 'Machine', as he always looks to be thinking about the game; thinking about the opponent and what skill he can try next; how he should whip in the next ball and where to try and drop it; where to run etc. Gaitan seems to be a real footballing man, which is excellent to see.

One thing I will say about Gaitan (as I seem to be saying about a lot of players nowadays) is his physicality. I wouldn't describe Gaitan as a 'winger' to be honest, but certainly a left (or right) sided midfielder, as he doesn't seem to be glued to the touch line, as he enjoys floating into the centre and playing as a CAM, even though that isn't his position. But, when he does stay out to the wing and goes one on one with a defender, I have seen him a few times go down a tad easily shall we say, and I'd also say it's a regular occurance. With this in mind, this isn't a deal-breaker by any means, as if you look at the likes of Ronaldo, then regardless of his diving he still went on to become a world class player. I would say Gaitan has the potential to be a world-class player, but I really do think he needs to test himself in a better league to be fair.

Would Gaitan cut it in the Premier League? - Yes. Gaitan is a brilliant player who has all the necessary attributes to cut it in our league, but to be honest, his strength is something that needs to be improved to be honest. If Gaitan can display as much passion for the game here in England, he could genuinely set the league alight.

The Business End of the Profile.

Now, as you can see from the top of the profile, there are some very big clubs in for this young man. I'm guessing my general comments have explained why, but this certainly leaves the door open to where he may depart. I must say that Ed002 has helped me immensely with this section on Gaitan, as I didn't have much of a clue to be honest with you all.

Ed002's Note - Manchester United and Barcelona both showed interest in the winger but Inter PSG or Napoli may be the first to eventually put an offer on the table for Gaitan. My understanding is that Manchester United and PSG did speak with Benfica in January but no bid was made. I understand that it remains the case that Benfica are aware of sustained interest and are aware that Inter Milan are now looking at the player. Asking price is and will continue to be an issue. If Manchester United can agree a price I am told that the player would welcome the move. Napoli are actively seeking a replacement for Lavezzi and still may return for Gaitan or Gaston Ramirez.

I apologise for the copy and paste, but this sums the scenario up perfectly. To summarise, the only thing stopping a move for Gaitan seems to be the asking price. Now, I can understand the hesitance to pay the amount menioned of around 28 million Euro's, but I feel it'd be completely worth the money for each side that is interested, and although it's risky, it could pay off immensely.

Thanks all,