Nampalys Mendy

{Profile Updated 10/06/13}

Date of Birth: - 23/6/92

Height: - 5ft 6in.

Position: - Defensive Midfield.

Nationality: - French

Current Club: - As Monaco (Although soon to be free agent)

Estimated Market Value: - £4-5Million

Linked with: - Manchester Unuted

Club Statistics

As Monaco

2010/2011 season - 15 appearances,0 goals

2011/2012 season - 29 appearances,0 goals

2012/2013 season - 36 appearances,0 goals

TOTAL - 80 appearances,0 goals

International Statistics

France U-17 3 appearances,0 goals

France U-18 3 appearances,0 goals

France U-19 8 appearances,0 goals

France U-20 8 appearances,0 goals

France U-21 2 appearances,0 goals

General Comments:

I would like to start of by saying this will not be the longest of profiles as i do not know of have seen much of this player.Now onto Mendy he has been dubbed the 'new Makelele' however I think he is much more if a Ramires type of player small,agile,quick and very much a box to box Midfielder he gets through so much running up and down the pitch it is unreal he has such a good engine on him and he is also very quick so he glides around the midfield he is the perfect build to play in the spanish/italian/french leagues but i am not sure he has the physicality to compete in the premier league although it van be done as Ramires has showed us.I would say I am glad he is leaving Monaco I think this will help him in his future career with all the big names going there he would of probably found himself warming the substitute bench although Ranieri has showed a lot of faith in him and Looks gutted that Mendy is departing show it shows that he sees something in him.

Mendy despite his small build is very powerful in the tackle he always lets his opponent know he is there. Also he is very good on the ball and Looks very comfortable on the ball which is a good thing for a defensive midfielder to poses to his game.He is only a little lad but he has heart He will give anyone a battle.Another of his strengths is he has very good passing ability although he sort of does not use it as much as you would hope he has the ability to hit an accurate 50 yard pass but sometimes he will just chose not to.The last of his plus points is he he can speed the tempo of the game right up by just picking the ball up and running full force with it despite not being very big and not very well built he is a very powerful runner and is also he glides past players they find it hard to tackle him.

Now onto his weaknesses,Your average Defensive midfielder is big and strong but he is the Exact opposite He is small and not very strong and the Bpl is a very physically demanding league so he WILL get nudged of the ball sometimes and it is something his teammates would have to put up with.He also seems to go missing in big games he sometimes will shy away from the action but this probably will be just because he is young and has yet got much experience.

He also will sometimes put his teammates under pressure because he has made a loose pass this is not because he cant make a pass it's because he sometimes gets a little flustered on the ball and can do silly things.

Also there is something that can Be considered a weakness but is not really important for someone in his position is his lack of Goals,He is yet to score a goals in all of his games for the Monaco first team and french youth Levels although this is not important it a good thing to have in a player.Also playing Mendy takes a bit of height in defending set pieces.To sum him up i would say he is the exact opposite to what your typical opinion of someone in his position but I like him I think he is a good unique and Although it hurts me to say it I hope he suceeds at United should he sign.

Would Mendy cut it in Europe?

I am undecided I think ability wise yes is he was 6 inches bigger and a big stronger then there would be only one answer I am not sure if he is Tall enough but if played next to a physical presence then I think he should but it remains to be seen.

Summary of Mendy:

Strengths: Speed,Tackling,passing ability.

Weaknesses: Strength,Height,Lack of goals.

The Business End of the Profile:

He will be available on a free transfer at the end of the season and There are rumors of interest from Manchester united.


{A profile by Ed030}