Mohamed Salah

Mohamed Salah
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Mohamed Salah

Current Club: Liverpool.
Previous Clubs: AS Roma, Chelsea, FC Basel, Arab Contractors.
Loan Clubs: AS Roma, Fiorentina.

International: Egypt 55 caps 30 goals.
Trophies Won: 1 English Premier League, 1 English League Cup, 2 Swiss Championships.

A left footed winger who mainly plays on the right side, so that he can cut inside to shoot, which is why he already has 6 goals this season and managed to score 19 last season. His most notable attribute is his pace, which is blistering. There are very few players that can come close in a foot race and you will regularly see players surprised by just how quickly he eats up the ground when closing them down. Even when you know he is fast, it can be a shock to realise just how much faster he is than you when you have him bearing down on you as you try to sort out your feet to get the ball clear!

Salah is more than just mere pace, like, for instance, Theo Walcott, Salah has that insane pace along with workrate, desire and excellent movement. It is that movement which makes his pace so useful and allows him to score so many, despite missing so many good chances. His desire ensures that he never gives up and stops making the runs, the runs are usually well timed to break an offside trap and the pace is too much to give defences a chance to get back at him once he is through on goal. It is just a shame he is not as clinical as he should be.

I am not sure if it is because of his pace, or related to it in any way, but Salah also has a good leap on him and can get on the end of crosses from the opposite side, though he does leave a bit to be desired in terms of directing the header. Again, I am not sure how much is down to his pace, but he often seems to be getting on the end of headers while moving at pace, which makes him seem to snatch at them, from what I have seen. Could that be about moving too fast to adjust easily for direction or is it related to the lack of composure that sees him miss so many chances?

Defensively Salah does track back to help out his fullback, though he can be guilty of being caught on his heels when an opposition fullback runs off the back of him, his pace is such that he can usually get back in to get involved. His main use defensively is in pressing and harrying defenders and midfielders, as a slightly misplaced pass or one that is not controlled tightly can be picked off by him nipping in at pace. His main contribution defensively is the fear factor he engenders in opponents, who are often afraid to get forward knowing they will have little to no chance of getting back in time if he gets the ball.