Milos Krasic

{Posted on 23/06/2012}

Date of Birth: - November 1st 1984

Nationality: - Serbian (but born in Yugoslavia).

Height: - 6ft 1inch

Position: - Right Winger.

Current Club: - Juventus

Estimated Market Value: - Around 10 million Pounds.

Linked With:

- Liverpool

- Tottenham

- Lazio (who are trying to find the funds to place a bid).

- Fenerbahce

- Dortmund (although I suspect the interest is passing).

- Marseille (although they are only keen on a loan deal, which Juventus are not interested in).

- West Ham

- Villareal

- Sevilla

- Zenit St. Petersburg

- Anzhi

Club Statistics

CSKA Moscow:

2004/2005 season - 35 appearances, 3 goals.

2005/2006 season - 45 appearances, 3 goals.

2006/2007 season - 36 appearances, 7 goals.

2007/2008 season - 34 appearances, 8 goals.

2008/2009 season - 38 appearances, 11 goals.

2009/2010 season - 38 appearances, 8 goals.

TOTAL - 226 apperances, 40 goals.


2010/2011 season - 41 appearances, 9 goals.

2011/2012 season - 9 appearances, 1 goal and 0 assists.

General Comments:

First of all, I have to say that I have received a RIDICULOUS amount of requests for this profile, so I bloody hope that this profile gets ridiculous viewing figures, as you fans have just demanded this moreso than any other profile since the start of this website.

Anyway, on with the comments. Krasic looks to me like a very, mixed player. On one hand, he is extremely quick, and has superb skill and great ball control. He is in the top ten best dribblers of a ball in football today in my opinion, as when he's dribbling with the ball at his feet, he seems like he can do pretty much what he wants - whether it be to cut inside, to cross the ball in, to beat the defender or to just play the ball into space and run onto it himself. I would also say that Krasic never seems to play backwards, and no matter what predicament he finds himself in he will rarely play the ball backwards, and always try and worm his way out of a tight situation - which obviously has its positives and negatives.

However, Krasic's finishing is genuinely appauling. There is no doubting Krasic has an amazing ability for skill and dribbling, but the amount of times I've seen himw aste opportunities is beyond a joke. It is literally wasted opportunity after wasted opportunity, and you get to the stage where you just think oh please just score - purely out of sympathy! In addition to this, Krasic dives. Krasic dives a fair old bit. If it isn't wasting opportunities by poor finishing, it's wasting opportunities by dramatically diving - yes this may win some free-kicks, but as soon as you're labelled you get very few decisions and it can cost your team dearly. If Krasic could finish and stay on his feet, he would be a truly brilliant player to be honest, and the only thing I can take solace in is that when he departs Juventus this summer, his finishing can only improve.

Would Krasic Cut it in the Premier League? - Unless he improves his finishing and cuts out the diving, no he wouldn't. However, if he improves his finishing in particular, he could set the league alite and be one hell of a player and a great buy in general.

Summary of Krasic:

Strengths - Pace, Dribbling, Skill, Quick Feet, Creating Space and One-on-one ability, Ball Control.

Weaknesses - Selfishness, Poor Finishing, Diving, Poor Defensively (rarely tracks back), Poor Work Rate.

The Business End of the Profile:

I have spent a ridiculous amount of time on this profile to be honest, and especially with finding out information for 'The Business End'. Krasic's agent is responsible for pretty much every single team mentioned above having interest in Krasic, and I have to pay credit to the agent as that is some fine work on his behalf. Nevertheless, this then makes my life slightlky difficult as I have to way up where he is most likely going to end up etc, but hey, everyone loves a challenge, right?

To begin, there is certainly a chance of Krasic joining Liverpool, and in fact they are one of the most likely teams to sign him this summer from Juventus. At this moment in time, Liverpool and Fenerbache are the favourites for Krasic's signature as they are the most interested teams - although I must put stress on the fact that Lazio are also very interested - they are so interested in fact, that they are desperately trying to raise the funds to bid for Krasic and to take him to Lazio, but at the moment that looks like it could take too much time - however, do not rule them out at all. Spurs' interest is very difficult due to Harry Redknapp's departure etc, so it's difficult to say if there interest will be maintained with the new manager etc. Anzhi is also another option for Krasic, but there is also the question of how strong the interest is - last time I checked, Krasic wouldn't rule out a move back to Russia, but I'm just unsure if Anzhi will actually bid (especially half-way through the Russian season). A move to the Spanish league is also on the cards, although once again I cannot see a Spanish side bidding for him, as I believe Juventus may be a little too demanding with regards to the fee for Krasic etc.

To summarise, I believe that Krasic will either end up at Liverpool, Fenerbahce or Lazio. I wouldn't rule out the other teams, but at this moment in time these 3 teams are certainly leading the race for Krasic's signature.

I hope this was worth the wait, and if you have any questions just drop in a comment below.

Thanks all,


{Ed022's note - As of 29/06/2012, I believe that a bid is being prepared to Liverpool to take Luis Suarez to Juventus and sending Cash + Players to Anfield. Krasic is one of the players, as well as Giovinco. Thanks all.}