Michael Ngoo

{Profile Posted 30/08/13}


Date of Birth: - 22/10/1992

Height: - 6ft 4''

Position: - Striker

Contracted: - Yes. Liverpool.

Build: - Tall but thin.

Injuries: - No major.

Estimated Market Value: - £500.000

Linked with: - Celtic.


Strength- He is an extremely strong player, and can bully players both at youth and senior level.

Power- He is a very powerful player and can charge through players when running/dribbling.

Jumping- He can jump very well, and very high, and challenges very well for the ball with his height and strength helping him.

Speed- He has decent speed, but could be quicker.

Reaction- Poor reactions, e.g. to goalkeeper spills. He is a bit cumbersome.

Endurance- Runs himself ragged, and can run out of steam towards the end of games.

Body Movement- A bit cumbersome and not the quickest mover.

Work Rate- Runs himself ragged for the team.


First Touch- Poor first touch, and can often lead to the break down of moves.

Weaker Foot- Poor weaker foot, which he will hesitate to use.

Passing- Poor passing. Some short passing can be off and inaccurate.

Tackling- Poor tackler.

Heading- Good in the air, but not as good as he should be with height advantage.

Dribbling- A very good dribbler due to close control, and strength.

Decision Making- Poor decision making. Very often passes instead of shooting.


Attacking Corners- Often targeted.

Defending Corners- Marking.

Attacking Free Kicks- Often targeted.

Defending Free Kicks- In the wall or marking.


Courage- Brave and gets stuck into challenges.

Confidence- Can look unconfident at times, especially when finishing.

Communication- Decent communication.

Motivation- Always motivated for the team.

Concentration- Wastes a lot of good opportunities, which is often due to poor technique rather than concentration, although concentration can often slip.

Temperament- Hard working.

Additional Comments

Ngoo is a big strong player, but he lacks technique. He is a poor passer, only decent in the air and his finishing is poor. He had a good loan at Hearts and used strength, power and height to advantage, and a move, perhaps on loan, becomes. I cannot see him getting a first team chance.

{A profile by Ed052}