Maxi Gomez

Maxi Gomez
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Maximiliano Gomez Gonzalez

Current Club: Valencia.

Previous Clubs: Celta de Vigo, Defensor.

Loan Clubs: N/A.

International: Uruguay 17 caps 2 goals.

Trophies Won: N/A.

Maxi Gomez is one of those hard working forwards whose biggest issue is a lack of composure in front of goal. At his best he is an exceptional forward but that lack of composure means he is very inconsistent as a goalscorer.

There is a real lack of calm in his play, as he does everything at the highest pace he has. Everything is rushed and that leaves him extremely inconsistent, sometimes Gomez produces a breathtaking world class performance, but often it is just hurried and a mess.

The Uruguayan is quick, though not Mbappe-quick, aggressive and strong with a good leap on him. He does lack the height to be a genuine target man, but he is good at holding up the ball and particularly good at rolling defenders.

Gomez's play can be clever, he has good vision to spot his team-mates' runs and the ability to pick them out with a pass and the skill to beat a man. However, his hurried play means that he often gets ahead of himself and his nice touch becomes heavy, his passing becomes wayward and his finishing wild.

With the right coaching, Gomez could be something special, but he needs a guiding hand to calm him down and cause him to take a deep breath now and again, to take that moment to relax himself and slow down just before he strikes the ball.

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