Mauricio Isla

{Player Profile Updated 03/07/2012}

Date Of Birth: - 12th June 1988

Height: - 5ft 9inches.

Position: - Right wing-back (but is also very versatile and has played in positions such as: centre back, left wing-back, right midfield, left midfield, centre midfield and attacking midfielder).

Nationality: - Chilean.

Linked With: - N/A

Current Club: - Isla signed for Juventus in June 2012 on a 4 year-deal.

Club Statistics


2007/2008 season - 14 appearances, 0 goals.

2008/2009 season - 43 appearances, 0 goals.

2009/2010 season - 33 appearances, 1 goal.

2010/2011 season - 35 appearances, 3 goals.

2011/2012 season - 28 appearances, 3 goals.

TOTAL - 153 appearances, 7 goals.


2012/2013 season - N/A

General Comments:

Although Isla isn't the most prolific of goal-scoring right-backs, he is without a shadow-of-a-doubt, a prolific creator of goals. Isla can create a chance out of literally, thin air and is then complimented by his ability to take on other players (even in his own half) with his excellent technique and uncanny stamina. Isla when playing at wing-back offers a totally new dimension to teams as he can work the wing up-and-down all day, he thrives off of it which, in my opinion, is a truly fantastic attribute to have. Isla is, without doubt, a marvelous player to have in ANY squad because of all of these things, and of course, his versatility.

I don't think that many players in world football can play in all of the positions that he can, to his standard, as in whatever position he plays, it looks his natural position that he's played at for years-on-end. In the 2011/2012 season, Isla suffered a fairly nasty knee injury and is still recovering fully at the moment, thus Juventus have certainly taken a risk on purchasing him before his fitness has truly been proven.

I would say in summary, that one thing Isla needs to work on is his ability to cut in and finish - as from everything I've seen from him, he's very reluctant to cut inside after making a darting run down the wing, which makes him a little predictable. The best Wing-Backs in the world have this ability, thus it is certainly something Isla needs to work on. I would also say he does have a very solid defensive ability also, but he needs to be careful that he doesn't expose his team when he makes these very good runs etc, as on occasions, it has really been the downfall of his side.

Would Isla cut it in the Premier League? - Yes, he would. Although if he was to ever move to the PL then he would need to work on his Left-Foot ability to offer him a new dimension when going forward etc.

Summary of Isla:

Strengths - Skill, Confidence, Tackling, Crossing, Pace and Dribbling.

Weaknesses - Defensive Tracking (after making a forward run), Finishing, Cutting Inside, One-Footed (with finishing).

The Business End Of The Profile.

Unfortunately, there isn't much to say here as the deal for Isla only recently went through, but I will say that I feel Juventus have done a very good piece of business, but only if Isla comes back from his injury succesfully, which he should do with no problems at all.

Thanks all,