Matias Vecino

Matias Vecino
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Matias Vecino Falero

Current Club: Inter Milan.

Previous Clubs: Fiorentina, Club Nacional, Central Espanol.

Loan Clubs: Empoli, Cagliari.

International: Uruguay 33 caps 3 caps.

Trophies Won: Uruguay League Title 2011/12.

Vecino is a right footed central midfielder with a similar skillset and style of play to Liverpool's Naby Keita, though a little less mobile and tends to sit deeper, rather than making runs forward to get at the opposition defence off the ball. He prefers to sit and make his forward runs when he receives the ball, rather than making the run ahead of the ball.

That often sees him receiving the ball and having a number of players around him, but he seems to love a pirouette and has good skill and will use the opportunity to draw in players and then burst clear into space. It is a big risk on the ball, as he is sat deep and could lose it in a defensive area, rather than when high up the pitch doing the same tricks.

Personally I think he would be better playing 5-10 yards further up the pitch where he would then be risking less, though he does have the ability to drive up the pitch and into the penalty box, it would be much easier to do it from further forward. It would also mean his passing could be more incisive, as he is very good at the slid balls in and around the box but his long passing is not so good.

He does seem most comfortable on the right side of a central 3 in midfield, so it would be very easy for him to take up a higher starting position. Vecino has the technique and vision to potentially play as a link up player behind a forward as well, where his tendency to drive forwards then cut the ball back as he runs could be more dangerous.

One real weakness of his game is that he does not score anything like enough goals. From the striking technique Vecino shows when playing passes and his excellent first touch, he really should be adding more goals to his game. His defending needs a little work as well, he is wiry and strong for his size, but he does have a tendency to abdicate responsibility in the defensive third.

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