Matias Suarez

Date of Birth: - 9th May 1988

Nationality: - Argentinian

Height: - 6ft 0inches

Position: - Striker / Winger

Club History: - Belgrano

- Anderlecht

Linked With : - Liverpool

- Arsenal

- Juventus

- Newcastle

Estimated Market Value: - The reported figure is around the 20million Pounds mark. But I'm very unsure of the official price.

Club Career


May 2005 - Suarez joined Belgrano's youth setup and went straight into the reserve side after demonstrating tremendous ability, and the side was keen to test how far his ability could go, and the pace it could develop.

29th October 2006 - Suarez made his debut in the Argentinian 2nd division after spending just one year developing in the reserve team.

2006/2007 - After his debut, Suarez began to make regular appearances from the substitute bench and eventually force his way into the starting lineup towards the end of the season after scoring a few goals which would seal a mid-table finish to the season for a usually struggling Belgrano side.

2007/2008 season - Suarez finished the season as Belgrano's top scorer in the Primera B Nacional Argentina. However, the club finished in an appauling position of 16th and were relegated from the division, which then started severe speculation about Suarez' future.

May 2008 - Suarez finally left Belgrano, and to many people's surprise went to Belgium side Anderlecht for a fee around 8 million pounds.

7th July 2008 - Suarez didn't have to wait long for his debut and impressed during his preseason with Anderlecht.

2008/2009 season - Unfortunately Suarez had to be patient during this season, as he didn't get off to a very prolific start and was limited to making substitute appearances an awful lot, but this was all done tactically by Anderlecht as Suarez had to adjust to the European style of football.

2009/2010 season - Suarez began playing a little more and was adjusting to the Eurpoean style very effectively. However, he was still slightly limited and made significant appearances from the substitute bench. Nevertheless, he began to bag some significant goals and some even more significant assists for the Belgian side.

2010/2011 season - This season was Suarez' time to shine. Alongside Lukaku (who now plays at Chelsea), they created a devestating partnership and Suarez not only scored the goals, but in fact had several assists to the powerhouse Belgian that is Lukaku. After this season, Suarez was beginning to turn the heads of some European clubs, but unfortunately Lukaku received all the plaudits and was eventually snapped up from the Premier League.

2011/2012 season - So far this season, Suarez has begun to prove to people he is just as capable without Lukaku, as he's now taken up a much more 'goalscoring' role, and is now receiving all the plaudits himself. So far this season (30/03/2012), Suarez has made 37 appearances, 18 goals and 16 assists.

Career Statistics:

Belgrano - 55 apperances, 13 goals, 3 assists.

Anderlecht - 149 appearances, 45 goals, 37 assists.

General Comments:

I apologise for the size of this profile, but there is limited information on Suarez any where, which is the reason why its taken me hours to construct this. However, I'll try and make it up with my infamous general comments. Matias Suarez is a bloody good player. I've had the fortune of coming across him in the past when scouting Lukaku and also Jovanovic, and he always impressed me. In all honesty, he reminds me of Luis Suarez a ridiculous amount. He has phenomenal pace, trickery, and general tekkers. He looks like he can pretty much do it all if I'm honest. I'd say he is the personification of 'flare' player, and he is great to watch. Even off of the ball, he just makes fantastic runs and has that extra yard on defenders, which is the difference between a goal, and being tackled. Even from acute angles and pressure from defenders, I've seen him just glide past players and skin (skill past) them completely, leaving them helpless. There was one goal in mind where he goes past 4 defenders and then chips the goalkeeper and it goes in the top right hand corner, absolutely magic. I hate to feel like I'm repeating myself with these comments, but I hope he does come to the Premier League, because I feel he'd be a great player. Whether it be to Liverpool, Arsenal or Newcastle, he'd be a truly top player. In my honest opinion, I'd say he'd be more suited to Arsenal, and the thought of Van Persie and Suarez linking up is very, very mouthwatering. However, could there be a potential Suarez and Suarez partnership? Or perhaps a Cisse, Ba and Suarez link up? Suarez has the ability to drop out right also, so could easily play on the right side of a 3 man attack. I would recommend you all go and watch this player, and just enjoy, as I think he is yet to be fully recognised for his talents, and would say he'll be on the move soon! His contract runs out in the summer of 2013 so with any luck, a Premier League team will buy him and he'll show this country and Europe, what he can really do.

Thanks all,