Markel Susaeta

(Posted 05/05/2012)

Date of Birth: - 14th December 1987.

Nationality: - Spanish

Height: - 5ft 10inches.

Position: - Winger.

Club History: - Baskonia

- Athletic Bilbao

Linked With: - PSG

- Real Madrid (if they sell Di Maria)

- Liverpool FC.

- Chelsea FC.

Estimated Market Value: - Roughly £6million, but could be more due to intense interest. Perhaps raised to over £8million.

Club Career


Susaeta began his career coming through the youth ranks of Baskonia (currently in the La Liga) from the age of around 12. After spending 6 years developing through the system, Susaeta was given a starting place in their first team, and managed to hold it as his own all season. He went on to play almost every single game in the season, and managed to pop up with 4 goals.

Athletic Bilbao:

After playing a whole season with Baskonia, Susaeta left the club in order to join Bilbao. However, he didn't go straight into the first team, and actually spent one year with Bilbao 'B'.

2nd September 2007 - After spending a year in the 'B' side, Susaeta was given his first team debut against a very daunting FC Barcelona. Even though he was put in a very high-pressure matcha, he managed to score the only goal from Bilbao is a 1 - 3 loss. At the start of the season though, he was still registered with the 'B' side, but ended up finishing the season with 29 La Liga appearances anyway.

In the following seasons, Susaeta established himself firmly in Athletic's first team, although still not an undisputed starter for the Basque side.

31st January 2009 - Susaeta netted four minutes from time to give his side a 3-2 home win against Malaga CF, in an eventual narrow escape from relegation.

In this season (2008/2009), despite Bilbao's appauling league form, Susaeta also appeared in six matches in the season's domestic cup, as Bilbao reached the final against Barcelona.

Susaeta scored a career-best 13 official goals in 2011/2012 season, including five in the season's UEFA Europa League as Athletic reached the final (yet to be played). Bilbao have also reached the final in the domestic cup, once again against Barcelona (also yet to be played).

Over this season, Susaeta has really made an impact by scoring goals, goals and more goals in competitions and really proving a key man for a star-filled Bilbao. However, he seems to be over-shadowed by other big name players, but if Susaeta does indeed leave, I feel Bilbao will realise how good of a player he is for them.

Club Statistics:

Baskonia: - 36 appearances, 4 goals.

Bilbao (prior to 2011/2012 season): - 150 appearances, 12 goals.

Bilbao (so far in the 2011/2012 season as of 05/05/2012): - 51 appearances, 11 goals, 7 assists.

Career Total: - 237 appearances, 27 goals.

General Comments:

The reason I made the statistics seperate is because of how good Susaeta has been this season in comparison to his previous seasons. First of all, I'd just like to say I apologise that this isn't the longest profile in the world, but to make up for the wait I have watched this player a ridiculous amount, so hopefully I can give a good evaluation of the player.

Susaeta is a very good player in my opinion, but is deceivingly good. If you judged him on statistics alone, you would say well, he can't be that good. But I'm sure you've all watched Bilbao a fair amount this season due to Europa League etc etc, and I can safely say he does the work behind the scenes. What I mean by that is, he makes those darting runs which attracts players to him, only to leave Llorente free in the middle to score, or he makes those runs and uses his skill and pace to beat defenders, only to play it back the the fall back so he can whip it in and get the assist.

Susaeta is a team man, and a good one at that. This season he's shown a bit more edge with regards to his football, been a little more selfish and actually decided that he has the ability to take on players and beat them. Susaeta is very quick and has even quicker feet, and almost hypnotises his opposition as he dances past them. Susaeta is also pretty good with his set pieces, but most notable his curlers. From all the free kick's I've seen him play, he never goes for pure power, but instead, accuracy.

I'd say for the reported 6million pounds, Susaeta would be an absolute gem of a buy, and would improve most teams around the world. Is he a risk? Not really, because his price isn't that of an extortionate player where you don't know if you'll get your money back. In my opinion, he'd repay that fee, and then treble it. Would he settle in the Premier League? Well I think he would, although I think he may struggle with the climate, rather than football. He just gives me the impression he wouldn't really be that excited about a rainy away match against a newly promoted side you know? Perhaps I may be wrong, but that's just my opinion.

I'd say I've covered most aspects of his game, but he can also switch into a more defensive role and play at RB if needed, as he proved in this years Europa League. He's also not that bad in this position, and would offer a squad a gem of a player in respects of his versatility. Would he make a good wing-back? Well that's a question which would need more evidence in practice, so I'll leave that for you folks to discuss.

Thanks all,