Marco Van Ginkel

{Profile Updated 15/06/13}

Date of Birth: - 1/12/92

Height: - 6 ft 1 in

Position: - CM,CAM

Nationality: - Holland

Current Club: - Vitesse

Estimated Market Value: - £8-12 million

Linked with: - Twente,




Club Statistics


2009/2010 season- 4 appearances,0 goals,0 assists

2010/2011 season- 28 appearances,5 goals,3 assists

2011/2012 season- 38 appearances,6 goals,3 assists

2012/2013 season- 41 appearances,12 goals,12 assists

TOTAL - 111 appearances,23 goals,18 assists

International Statistics

Netherlands U-21 12 appearances,4 goals

Netherlands- 1 appearances,0 goals

General Comments:

As you know I have decided to move away from Liverpool profiles for a short while as there are A lot of Liverpool related profiles but you can still request a profile but I am doing player who look set to sign for other clubs so I have decided to do Van Ginkel as he is a player who Chelsea could well invest there money in.

Starting with Van Ginkel strengths,He is a relatively quick player and uses his pace to good use when he is running with the ball,He does not run around like a headless chicken with the ball he is very composed with the ball at his possession.I would compare Van Ginkel to a young Steven Gerrard/Lampard but just a bit quicker than these players and not as good in the tackle apart from that he is in the mould of these two players.His vision is unbelievable when I profiled Thiago the other day I said how good his vision was But Van Ginkel takes it too another level he is so good as spraying balls around the field this is probably one of his best attributes as he is so good at making a decisive or defence splitting passes this is my he has many assists.He also has a very good understanding of the game and his team mates,He often plays one-two's and clever little passes to his team-mates and he is very good at slotting through balls in very little space in and around the penalty area,He is a very clever player.Van Ginkel also has a good engine he is always looking lively and wanting the ball you will never see him standing still waiting for the ball to fall at his feet he is always active in looking for the ball,He gets around the pitch quite a lot and covers a lot of the pitch but he is not the type of player he will run on a 40-50 yard powerful run he is not that type of player.

Another if his strengths is his clever movement to get in a good position inside the penalty area,He is forever trying to make space for himself or trying to fool a defender by making a good run.He is also a very good finisher,There is no point in making a good run in to the box If you are not going to score at the end of it but Van Ginkel does he is very good at putting the ball in the back of the net,I think he is a naturally good finisher and this would help him him become a success in the premier league as fans love Midfielders who score goals.He also scores a lot of goals from long range he is very comfortable and confident in his ability to shoot from range which is why I compare him to Lampard and Gerrard in there younger days he very much reminds we of these two.

Now onto his weaknesses,He really does not look comfortable defending in his own half he looks a bit nervy before he goes in for a tackle which always gets you worried whether he will miss time it and get sent of or something he is really not the best Defensively wise.A lot of his weaknesses are defensive related well all of his weaknesses are,Another reason why he is not very good defensively is he just has no aggression In him whatsoever he is like Coutinho and Oscar he really is not an aggressive player.The last of his noticeable Weaknesses is that he is not a good tackler at all,He miss times challenges all the while albeit by accident but he would not to clean up the defensive side of his game to truly make It in the premier League.

To summarize Van Ginkel I would say he is a very good technical footballer and very good at the going forward part of the game,He has every attribute a modern day footballer needs to have such as good vision,Gets goals and a very good team player,If he improves the defensive side of his game he will become one of the best Midfielders in Europe,I think he would benefit him playing at Chelsea with Lampard and Mata so I think he should move to Chelsea to play at the highest level of the game.

Would Van Ginkel cut it in the premier league?

Yes I think he would,However if he moved to Chelsea he would not get a regular place in the team,So I would recommend that Chelsea should loan him out to another Bpl club for a year to get experience in the premier league maybe Fulham or West Brom,But U think no matter what he has the ability to set the premier league alight,But he does need to improve defensively.

Summary of Van Ginkel:

Strengths: Vision,Finishing,Long range shots and team work

Weaknesses: bad tackler,Lack of aggression.

The Business End of the Profile:

I think Van Ginkel will move to Chelsea this coming summer although there is interest in the player from Twente,Psv and Ajax as well although I expect him to move to Chelsea but the player does not want to sit on the subs bench at Chelsea but someone at Chelsea is trying to persuade him that Chelsea is the best mover for him,This is why I suggest Chelsea purchase him then immediately loan him out.


{A profile by Ed030}