Marcelo Brozovic

Marcelo Brozovic
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Marcelo Brozovic

Current Club: Inter Milan.

Previous Clubs: Dinamo Zagreb, NK Lokomotiva, Hrv Dragovoljac.

Loan Clubs: Inter Milan.

International: Croatia 44 caps 6 goals.

Trophies Won: Croatian League 2012/13, 2013/14, 2014/15.

Brozovic is a central midfielder with a good range of passing. He is tall and leggy, those long legs of his helping him make challenges as he is very combative and hard working, often chasing back to get involved. He loves to make a slide tackle, not a rash jump in but an old fashioned slide across the ground.

He might love it because, with his long legs, he is generally very successful with the slide, as he can reach out and take the ball. Though he is not quite as leggy as someone like N'Zonzi, whose legs seem to be telescopic at times, so his leg does not just seem to suddenly reach in out of nowhere.

Brozovic is more of a smothering type of defender, who gets so physically close to an opponent he denies them space to work and then he puts in a challenge to take the ball. He is certainly not afraid to put himself about and make a game a physical battle.

On the ball, he is keen to run it forward with decent skills and agility on the ball. He is happy to hold onto it in tight areas and look to break clear. Brozovic likes the slide rule pass on the edge of the box when he has broken forward.

Despite being right footed, he often plays on the left side of midfield, as a deeper lying defensive midfielder. One thing that is noticeable, despite being fairly tall, is his lack of success in the air. It is not a part of his game that he shows any strength in.

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