Marc Ter Stegen

Name: Marc Andre ter Stegen

Height: 6ft

Position: Goalkeeper

Estimated value: £20m

Linked Clubs: pretty much all major clubs around Europe.

General Comments:

I'm sure most of you have heard of ter Stegen as he has been one of the most coveted young goalkeepers in the world, he comes from a wealthy line of talent to originate from Germany, and he is another brilliant German goalkeeper.

ter Stegen has everything you need from a goalkeeper, agile, reliable, quick, and not afraid to come of his line however I feel his main strength is his reflex saves. As a goalkeeper you are taught to get off the ground as quickly as possible once you make a save, and ter Stegen does this. If you want to see some of his best coverage watch him against Bayern Munich away, he was absolutely outstanding. Gladbach did well to hold onto a point that game and he kept them in it for 90 minutes. For his tender age he is so reliable you can trust him to make the save, he is a goalkeeper that will not lie down in the big games or the crucial matches of a game you just know that 8/10 times he will stop the ball from going in. He truly is amazing. I would consider him better than Hart and one of the best GK's in the world even at his age.

The other main advantage he has like Reina had when he was top of his game was that he is not afraid to come of his line, which for me every good goalkeeper should be able or should do. It is vital for any side to have a goalkeeper that comes out and attacks the ball and intercepts a striker when clean through on goal.

He only has one weakness and that is his distribution, he likes to set the counter attack quickly like Pepe Reina, well he intends too. He tries too throw the ball out quickly however most of the time he ends up waiting and giving it the CB'S the other problem with his game is his kicking, he will happily play out from the back however, I don't feel he has the technical ability to do it for the top sides ala Barcelona. The last game I watched of him before I wrote this was against Leverkusen, and in the first 20 minutes he repeatedly punted the ball forward to nobody which resulted in Leverkusen taking it up the field and attacking Gladbach.

Admittedly, this profile was aimed towards LFC fans because Reina looks more likely to leave by the day there is alot of speculation about who to go for. in honesty I would like ter Stegen however i think we won't go for him or won't get him because of his distribution I think Rodgers would prefer a goalkeeper who has better distribution for our system for example Vorm-who I think will be top of his list-. I will also hopefully profile Vorm and other goalkeepers who have been linked; Giefer, Trapp, Zieler, Leno.


Strengths; Reflexes, agility, reliability, saves, commanding in the box, quick of line.

Weaknesses; Distribution.

Would he cut it in England?

Absolutely, ter Stegen is a brilliant goalkeeper and I would be surprised if United chose Begovic over him, personally I don't think he should go to Liverpool because he wouldn't suit their passing style.

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