Luis Alberto


Position: - CAM/ Left CAM

Nationality: - Spanish

Current Club: - Seville - On loan at Barcalona (B)

Estimated Market Value: - £5 million

Linked with: - Liverpool, Barcelona

Club Statistics

Barcelona B

2012 - 2013 season - 11 goals and 18 assists

General Comments:

Hello all,

To distract myself away from this horrible Luis Suarez news, I've decided to knock up a little piece on Luis Alberto for you. However, I've never actually seen him play, so I will basically sum up the player i.e. where he plays, and relay what experts (Ed001 et al) have told me of the player. Also, I know a lot of you wanted more information of the player, so basically, I have done this now before watching him so that you can all know a little bit more about him.

Basically, he is quite a similar player to Coutinho, Liverpool's Inter recruit of winter 2013. He is a player who likes to cut in from out left, or from playing through the middle. He has been likened to Iniesta in the way that he cuts in and looks for the through ball to the striker or wider players. Although it may seem that we now have to many players for that left position role, I believe he will add competition, and also, I believe against weaker opposition, both Coutinho and Alberto could be in the team together.

As you can see from his stats, for a 20 year old, he is a very good performer, and to create or score 30 goals in a year shows his quality in the final third, especially when he is playing in a team of kids against teams of grown men. Also, to be able to assist 18 goals shows that he delivers a quality ball (as younger players are likely to waste more chances, so for that many assists to be made, he obviously creates a lot of high quality chances.)

Also, like with Aspas, he is Spanish, meaning that he will fit into the way we like to play football. It means that he will be able to pass it about, move into space, and also he will have that vision along with the qualities he has to be able to read runs and provide good balls for those players. He is also a very good set piece taker, shown with some quality goals from dead-ball situations this year.

If and when Luis signs for Liverpool, then I believe he will be a squad player initially. Obviously, he is playing in the Spanish second division, but has torn it to pieces. I believe he will be an understudy to Coutinho, putting pressure on him to perform, and also steeping into the first team for both injuries and against weaker opposition.

To conclude, I think it says it all when a player, especially a Spanish youngster is wanted by Barcelona. It truly does show his current qualities and future potential.

The Business End of the Profile:

Liverpool have agreed a fee of around £5 million for the player (oddly, after speaking to Seville about Navas). However, Barcelona still has an option on the player to sign him - but at the minute they cannot afford him, and even if Barcelona did activate the clause, the player would then have the opportunity to decide between the two teams. I am not sure when the clause expires - with some people saying it is tonight. We will have to see, but what I do know is that we should know more after the final round of La Liga matches this weekend, and when the Spanish teams have a look at their squads.

(P.S. During the summer, when there is a bit more time, I will scout Luis properly, and give good and bad points of his game - not just how he would fit in at Liverpool)


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