Lucas Piazon


{Youth Player Profile Updated 28/08/2012}

Date of Birth: - 20 January 1994.

Height: - 6 ft 0 in.

Nationality: - Brazil.

Position: - Striker/Winger/Attacking Midfielder.

Current Club: - Chelsea

Estimated Market Value: - Around 7 million pounds.

Player Potential:

Shooting- 8/10

Key Passes- 9/10

Flair- 9/10

Heading- 6/10

Pace- 7/10

Vision- 8/10

Current Ability- 7/10

Potential Ability- 9/10

Overall Rating- 63/80

Club Career

-Piazon began his professional career with Coritiba.

-He was top scorer in every youth tournament he appeared in.

-In 2007, he moved to more organized and neighboring club, Atletico Paranaense.

-After impressing even more he then moved to Sao Paulo aged 14.

-He was called up to the Brazil U15 team after helping Sao Paulo through the Brazilian qualifires for the Premier Cup.

-Piazon further impressed in the Premier Cup in Manchester scoring in the group stage against Manchester United.

-In early 2011, Chelsea secured the services of Piazon by means of a pre-contract (they had to pay around 5 million pounds which could rise to 10 million) having to fight off the interest from a number of the world's leading clubs.

-Piazon could only play for Chelsea after the 20th of January 2012 when he becomes eligible for a work visa.

-He made his debut for the reserve team against Fulham.

-Piazon scored his first reserve goal in an away victory against Arsenal, just before full-time with a solo effort, inside the box before firing it into the net.

-In 2012/2013 pre-season He featured a few times, making his senior debut in a 4-2 win against Seattle Sounders and scoring his first goal in a 1-1 draw against Paris St-Germaint.

-Many people have compared Piazon to the Brazilian playmaker Kaka.

Club Statistics

Chelsea (senior team):

2012-2013 - 0 appearances, 0 goals

International Statistics:

Brazil U15 - 7 appearances, 10 goals.

Brazil U17 - 15 appearances, 9 goals.

General Comments:

I've seen Piazon play a few times, and yes I have been impressed with him. Some people say he is very like Kaka in his style of play and I have to agree with them. The way Piazon can move around the pitch finding pockets of space is amazing, this causes the opposition defense nightmares and this impresses me a lot, he is very much a Brazilian player.

Now to Piazon's strengths. He is definitely a 'number 10' player because of the way he can find space and created chances (he has such good vision). Not only can he create chances, if he is put in front of goal he doesn't disappoint. There is also other Brazilian features he has, such as his skill and close control (always expect him to take the ball past players). These are great quality for such a young player.

Piazon's Weaknesses. He doesn't have a lot of weaknesses but he really isn't the greatest physically, this is why i feel he isn't ready for the Premier League yet, he will get pushed of the ball to easy and won't win Arial battles. I expect him to improve this weakness as he is only young.

Overall, I think Piazon will become a world class player, he will most likely improve his weaknesses and this will make him even better but then again who knows if he will develop more and become a flop. My honest opinion though, is that he will become a quality player. He has the skill and vision to unlock any defense.

Summary of Piazon:

Strengths - Shooting, Vision, Flair, Finding space, Chance creation, Skill and Close control.

Weaknesses - He isn't the best physically and can be pushed of the ball easily.

What he needs to work on:.

As i said before, I feel Piazon needs to go to the gym (like a lot of young players) and bulk up more as he isn't strong enough for the Premier League.

Players he is similar to:

Piazon is very much like a young Kaka, the way he finds space, creates chances and scores goals. I can't say if Piazon will be as big as Kaka but it's looking good at such a young age.

What league could he reach and why:

If he becomes stronger i believe he will be a quality Premier League player because of his flair and vision (key features for the league) but i also think he could play in the likes of Spain because the Ticka-tacka football would probably suit his style of play.

Where should he continue his development:

He definitely needs to stay at Chelsea and try push into the team, and if he becomes unhappy or doesn't get a chance there he should go to Spain i feel.