Lorenzo Pellegrini

Lorenzo Pellegrini
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Lorenzo Pellegrini

Current Club: AS Roma

Previous Clubs: Sassuolo, AS Roma

Loan Clubs: N/A

International: Italy 15 caps 2 goals

Trophies Won: N/A

Pellegrini is a very attack-minded central midfielder, who is very right-footed, at times in the footage I watched he was turning himself inside out trying to use his right rather than left foot. Which surprises me as his technique is very good, good enough to take the setpieces for Roma, so you would expect his left to be much more usable.

He is one of those midfielders that is very common in Italian football but not so useful in the English Premier League. By that I mean Pellegrini is excellent on the ball but not the greatest when it comes to tracking back.

In fact I would go so far as to call him a bit lazy when it comes to tracking back, often just trundling alongside while an opponent runs past him, with little to no effort to even get near them. When a player is near him and tries to run past, Pellegrini's usual contribution is to reach out and attempt to grab them or pull them back.

It might be because he can be a little on the weak side, when he does tackle it is not the best and on the ball Pellegrini can be knocked off it fairly easily. That might lead to him to try and grab, rather than run with him and attempt to use his body to force them away from danger.

On the ball he is very good, with the vision to spot runs and the ability to play passes, from all sorts of angles and distances, into feet. His own movement is also very good, Pellegrini makes some very good forward runs at times.

In a lot of ways he is reminiscent of Pogba, in that he is the kind of player that is great in Serie A and international football, but in a hustle bustle Premier League game he would be a weak link in central midfield. Pellegrini does not lack workrate, he just saves it for the attacking third and so would be much more suited to the attacking midfield role he sometimes plays in Italy.

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Written by Ed001 January 09 2021 08:11:24