Lorenzo Insigne

Name: Lorenzo Insigne

Position: Forward

Height: 5ft 4in

Market Value: 15-20m

Linked Clubs: recently returned to Napoli from loan spells.

Career Stats:

2011/12- Pescara (Serie B) games 20 goals 18

2012/13- Napoli games 6 goals 1

General Comments:

First of all someone needs to have a word with this lad about his celebrations some of them are atrocious anyway back to the profile; This lad was sprung into the first tam after Lavezzi left in the summer and he hasn't disappointed, relatively unknown player but I am pretty sure people will start hearing about this lad soon enough.

He is lightning quick, literally lightning fast I think he could keep up with Walcott or maybe even beat him he is unbelievably quick. He falls into that flair player type category, he is like Giovinco or Suarez, a player always looking to get involved which is what I love about him, for his age to replace Lavezzi he has pretty big balls, because he takes people on and he's not afraid to take the sot when he could pass to Cavani or Hamsik or one of the "star players". He is a real live wire he won't stopping moving and making chances.

When he dribbles with the ball he is like an eel, he's a very slippery customer ( that's what she said) he will weave in and out of players, he loves a dribble if you get what I mean. He scored a lot in Pescara but that was a poor league the one thing I would say is that he needs to add more goals to be the complete player , then he would be lethal when cutting in from the left.

The only weakness he has is his height, he has poor aerial ability but to be fair being 5ft 4 it's not really surprising, also his tackling isn't great he isn't a strong player which is another thing I would tell him to do to have a more all round game, to improve his strength in the tackle and body strength.

Summary of Insigne:

Strengths: Pace, Finishing, Dribbling, Skill

Weaknesses: Strength and tackling ability and height.

Would He cut it in England?

No and it's a real shame because if he was about 3 or 4 inches taller then yes but he is too small and would get bullied by big defenders.

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