Loic Remy


Profile Updated 01/09/2012

Date of Birth: - 2.1.1987

Height: - 6ft 1/2 inches

Position: - Striker

Nationality: - French

Current Club: - Marseille

Estimated Market Value: - 15 million

Linked with: - Arsenal, Tottenham, and Newcastle

Club Statistics


2006/2007 season 7 matches, 0 goals and 0 assists.

2007/2008 season 18 matches, 3 goals and 0assists.

TOTAL 25 matches, 3 goals and 0 assists.


2008/2009 season 32 matches, 11 goals and 2 assists

2009/2010 season 34 matches, 14 goals and 3 assists

TOTAL 66 matches, 25 goals and 5 assists.


2010/2011 season 40 matches, 18 goals and 3 assists

2011/2012 season 38 matches, 14 goals and 6 assists

2012/2013 season 2 matches, no goals and no assists

TOTAL 80 matches, 32 goals and 9 assists.

International Statistics

France U21

2007/2008 season 2 matches, 0 goals and 0 assists


2008/2009 season 1 match, 0 goals and 0 assists

2010/2011 season 10 matches, 1 goals and 0 assists

2011/2012 season 6 matches, 3 goals and 1 assist

TOTAL 17 matches, 4 goals and 1 assist

General comments:

Loic Remy: the true meaning of a speed demon, the pace this man has can destroy a back four within seconds! One through ball over the top of the defense and 9 times out of 10 if the ball is good Remy will get it. He isn't weak as well; usually you see lots of quick players get barged off the ball but not Remy. His pace would certainly match the EPL

The most fascinating attribute with Remy is his heading. You rarely get a pacey forward that can header a ball so well, the jump that Remy can get is truly magnificent. A lot of his goals have actually come from headers. It really makes you wonder how a player can out jump a 6 foot 4 defender with a muscle build close to the Incredible Hulk (Exaggeration). Dont get me wrong hes not tiny, but his stature doesn't make you think he can out jump some of the defenders in Ligue 1.

Remy is also very good at running the channels his pace obviously helps massively when a teammate hits the ball down the channel. Remy isn't the type of player to beat 3 men with a couple of stopovers and then a flip flap. His skills mostly consist of knocking the ball forward or fake shooting, its quite effective as well to be honest as it keeps the defender guessing. However once he beats his man or is in a position to cross, his final ball is rarely there and its something he definitely needs to improve.

There are things about Loic Remy that stop him from getting the recognition he may think he should be getting hence why none of the big champions league clubs are after him. Probably the most disruptive thing about Remy's game is his shooting, its actually quite funny how he can place a header so well but when it come to hitting the ball with his feet he scuffs it. Remy seriously needs to hit the training ground when it comes to shooting, he scuffs the ball so many times and if he does that in the EPL he will certainly be punished. It's very frustrating. As a Liverpool fan he reminds me of Luis Suarez although two different types of players they cant finish to save their lives. He will however score the odd goal or two amazing goals every now and then which then obviously makes you think why can't he score when hes closer to the goal?

Another downside to his game would be his creativity; he lacks any sort of creativity, which is why he doesn't have many assists to his name. He will much rather play the simple pass than anything else, although it can be perceived as a good thing when his team are winning, the problem is when the going gets tough and his team are losing 1-0 with 15 minutes to go. For a player of his pace he should really be more creative, its not that I think he cant be creative I think its fact he doesnt want to be.

His work rate will also need improving, he can be very static at times when the other team have the ball and it can really frustrated his teammates, his stamina is also quite poor and he can become non-existent in the match. However this could be due to the reported heart problems he had when he had his medical with Marseille.

To conclude these general comments about Loic Remy I would definitely say he would be a welcome addition to any team challenging for the champions league, he definitely needs to improve his finishing if hes going to make it to the very top. Although certain characteristics make him a very unique player and definitely a player work 15 million Euros.

Would Remy cut it in the EPL?

In my opinion; yes I think he would his sheer pace and his aerial presence would certainly help him adapt. His finishing will obviously need improving and will probably need to improve his fitness other than that I think he can become a top player in the EPL.

Summary of Remy:

Strengths: Heading, versatility, pace, strength, control, effective skills

Weaknesses: finishing, fitness, work rate, creativity, too simple at times

The Business End of the Profile:

Loic Remy is a player who will probably not move, if he does, until next summer. January is not a good time for business, and he will be very expensive to get then, especially if Marseille are doing well, and he is too

This video helps to highlight attributes of the player;

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