Lautaro Martinez

Lautaro Martinez
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Lautaro Javier Martinez

Current Club: Inter Milan.

Previous Clubs: Racing Club.

Loan Clubs: N/A.

International: Argentina 6 caps 2 goals.

Trophies Won: N/A.

Lautaro is a nippy little forward, with very good workrate. He is one of those forwards who will chase defenders around to make sure they do not have an easy time of it and put pressure on them to rush their passes. He shows really good aggression, keeping the opposing team on its toes.

He has excellent technique, though his first touch can be inconsistent, and good movement with a good leap to reach headers that would be expected to be beyond someone of his height. However Lautaro has a tendency, like most players these days, to go down far too easily when under any physical pressure.

That is not helped with his lack of strength. For all his aggression and willingness to put himself about, he is on the weak side and struggles to put physical pressure on the ball carrier. Lautaro can be held off fairly easily. Almost shrugged aside.

In style of play he is similar to Carlos Tevez, but without the brute strength of Tevez it leaves him looking lightweight and wasting a lot of energy in pointless chases for a ball he has not got the strength to win back.

His other weakness is linking up the play, he can do it very well, but, from what I have seen, he is too busy looking to run in behind and does not vary his play enough. Which is a shame as it looks to be something he does well enough that it should be exploited.

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