Krisztian Adorjan

Date Of Birth: - 19.01.1993

Nationality: - Hungarian

Position: - CAM

Current Club: - Liverpool

Estimated Market Value: - £1 Million

Player Potential: -

· Crossing = 06/10

· Passing = 07/10

· Finishing = 07/10

· Set Pieces = 08/10

· Pace = 07/10

· Vision = 08/10

· Current Ability = 06/10

· Potential Ability = 08/10

Overall Rating = 57/80

International Statistics:

Hungary U17

5 matches, 1 goal and no assists.

Hungary U19

6 matches, 2 goals and no asists.

General Comments:

I still really like Adorjan, and would have liked him to have a run in the first team, but feel that won't be happening anymore. When I last profiled him, I was raving about him, and at that time, he had returned to his more nature CAM game and was tearing the reserve league to pieces. Unfortunately, his game did drop off, and he hasn't shown enough improvements to warrant a game in the second half of the season.

Firstly though, there is something that I mentioned there, and that is Hungarian. No offence to Hungary, but, they are not the best football playing nation out there. Also, if they were to produce a cracking player, you would probably go for a defensive type player. But Adorjan offers that Spanish flair and intelligence, which is not what you expect.

Adorjan is a similar player to Suso, but not quite at the same level. They both have the skill of producing that final killer ball, they both have a good passing range and they are both good from set pieces. However, Suso is just that little bit better with attacking qualities, meaning that Suso was ahead in the reserve team, and got an opportunity in the first team, while Adorjan did not.

Anyway, away from comparing him with Suso, I will look at Adorjan as an individual player. Firstly, let's take a look at his set pieces. He is a free kick specialist. Many people would argue that Suso is as well, but Adorjan is just on another level. Give him a free kick on the edge of the box, and he just seems to plant it in the top corner of the goal every time. If the ball is out wide, or a corner, then he will always swing it into a dangerous position, and also, especially in the reserves, we have some tall beasts of players, so putting good balls into the box comes up with a lot of assists and chances created by Adorjan. Furthermore, I have only seen a couple from him, but from other parts of his game, Adorjan is also very good from the penalty spot.

Furthermore, going forward, Adorjan has a very good finish on him also. As I have said, he is very good from the free kick, and in open play, he regularly dances his way to the edge of the box, and he has a great shot on him which is a huge threat always to the opposition. Furthermore, when out wide, Adorjan is also a decent player. As I have said, he can whip great balls into the box, but he is also a skilful player, and can beat a player or two. I would suggest that actually he is similar to Suso when they are both out on the wing. Both have that capability to beat their man and whip a nice ball in. However, although Adorjan has these qualities, stuck out wide he doesn't have the same range of passing, or vision that he uses to its maximum when playing through the middle. So although a good wing player, his qualities are more suited to playing through the middle.

Onto his Tika Taka attributes and Adorjan is a great player for the system that has been used down in youth and reserve levels for a good few years now. He has a great touch, which is something you really do need if you are going to be playing with tight intricate passes, and if you are going to be playing one touch football. Also, in this system, there is one big key ingredient to make it all work, and that is passing! IF you cannot pass in this system, then it will never work! Luckily for him, Adorjan is a great passer of the ball, and can spread the ball long and far, or have a nice little short passing combo going in the middle of the field, say the way Joe Allen would do for the senior side. Also, to go with his great passing skill, Adorjan also has a great vision, and, like Suso, he can easily produce a defence splitting pass to put another player through on goal. We have not seen this as much from Adorjan, but this is mainly as he has been playing out of position due to Suso, so as he plays more regularly in the front third of the pitch, then we will see more of these defence splitting passes and through balls.

However, there are obviously going to be weaknesses to Adorjan game. Firstly, his strength is possibly an issue. However, as I have just mentioned, it is something in his game that he has worked on, and he has and is getting stronger. He will also continue to grow and get stronger, as all the other youngsters will continue to do. His strength is perhaps not something that should be marked out as a black mark against him but something that should have an eye kept on so that he continues to get bigger, stronger and harder.

Furthermore, and this is the case with all flair and attacking players, and that is work rate. It is something that I am sure I have mentioned against Suso when I profiled him a couple of months ago. However, with the coaches we have at Liverpool, right from the top with Brendan Rodgers to people like Borrell, it is something that is being rooted out of the games of the younger players, so it should not be too much of a problem in the future. You see some players, e.g. Hazard and older players e.g. David Silva, who both play in the same position, but are now grown men, but they don't track back or help the team. However, as long as the coaches reinforce the ideas, then this will not be a problem with Liverpool's flair players.

Finally, and this is one of the major updates of the season for Adorjan is his consistency. He started off the year with great form, scoring a lot of goals, and making a lot of goals. In fact, he stayed as the reserves top scorer for the whole season I believe. However, this doesn't tell the full story, as he was only top quality for the beginning of the season. He dropped off a lot, especially when shifted back out wide. He still possesses those quality assets I have described, but he isn't consistent enough with them, and because of that, hasn't pushed his game on enough. He had the opportunity to stake a claim for the first team with Suso out of the way, and just didn't quite perform for long enough to get into the first team.

Summary of Adorjan:

Strengths - Passing, flair, set pieces, crossing, finishing.

Weaknesses - Strengths, tackling, CONSISTENCY and tracking back

Players he is similar to:

Well, you would have to compare him to Suso really. They both have similar attributes and play in the same position.

To conclude, I believe that Adorjan will leave this summer on a free transfer. I hope to see him at a team, such as Blackpool, who play decent football, and hope he gets a run at CAM behind a couple of good strikers. At present, I dont know of any interest in him.