Klaas Jan Huntelaar

Name: Klaas Jan Huntelaar

Height: 6ft 1

Age: 29

Estimated Value: 10-15m (last year of contract)

Linked Clubs: Tottenham, Liverpool, Arsenal, Lazio, Juventus and others.

Career Stats:

2004/05- 38 games 20 goals

2005/06- 42 games 39 goals

2006/07- 47 games 36 goals

2007/08- 42 games 34 goals

2008/09- 42 games 26 goals

2009/10- 17 games 9 goals

2010/11- 37 games 24 goals

2011/12- 53 games 47 goals

2012/13- 16 games 11 goals

General Comments:

Well the stats don't lie Huntelaar has a great record at goal scoring and this is his main strength by far he can finish pretty much anything you give to him to be honest he is a predator in the box give him a chance 9/10 times he will score.

His timing of runs is superb he knows where the ball is going to fall for him to get a chance if you get what I mean. And he can score goals where he finishes them sublimely or those scrappy goals where it will just bundle over the line.

However he will not carve a chance out for himself like Suarez or Tevez would, he needs everything on a plate for him to finish almost as if the ball has to be perfect to him otherwise he won't bother making the run. He doesn't bother either to try and make a chance for himself he just leaves it down to his teammates to make the delivery, but in his defence he will finish it if he gets it.

Another weakness which I will touch on again whether he would cut it in England is his pace. He isn't slow but he's not quick if you understand me, he doesn't have that yard of pace do get past a man. Also he doesn't seem to have a trick in his locker to get past the defender. Now I love a good nutmeg and we know Suarez does too. Huntelaar won't do that he won't drift to pick the ball up from deep to take on the defenders, which in one way is a good thing because it means you will have someone in the box when you get past the defender but it also means he doesn't really get involved with build up play, which makes me question whether he would fit our system.

You could argue though that you would spend the money for his goals not his build up play. And if you bought Huntelaar I am pretty sure he would score you goals its just the amount that is the problem.

Summary of Huntelaar:

Strengths: Fnishing, composure, predator in the box

Weaknesses: Pace, Strength, Attitude, reliance on teammates.

Would Huntelaar cut it in England?

No. He isn't quick enough or strong enough for the English game in my opinion I don't think he is the type who would perform on a cold night at the Britannia.
But he would still get goals, at Liverpool he may be effective because they are in desperate for an out and out finisher and the create loads of chances, but would he suit the system?

Happy to answer any questions and comments, I welcome your opinion on him.

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