Kevin Mirallas

A profile by Burnsy

Kevin Mirallas

Date of Birth: - 05.10.1987

Height: - 6ft

Position: - Striker, Winger, Attacking Midfield

Nationality: - Belgium

Current Club: - Olympiacos

Estimated Market Value: - Circa. £8 million,

Linked with: - Liverpool, Arsenal, Wender Bremen, Bayern Munich, Lille and Toulouse.

Club Statistics


2004/2005 season - 3 matches, 1 goal and no assists.

2005/2006 season - 18 matches, 1 goal and 1 assist.

2006/2007 season - 28 matches, 2 goals and 2 assists.

2007/2008 season - 35 matches, 6 goals and 4 assists.

TOTAL - 84 matches, 10 goals and 7 assists.

AS Saint-Etienne

2008/2009 season - 40 matches, 4 goal and 3 assists.

2009/2010 season - 29 matches, 1 goal and no assists.

TOTAL - 69 matches, 5 goals and 3 assists.


2010/2011 season - 33 matches, 14 goal and 4 assists.

2011/2012 season - 38 matches, 20 goal and 8 assist.

TOTAL - 71 matches, 34 goals and 12 assists.

International Statistics

Belgium U19

2006/2007 - 3 matches, 1 goal and no assists.

Belgium U21

2006/2007 - 5 matches, 2 goal and no assists.


2007/2008 - 6 matches, 2 goals and 1 assist.

2008/2009 - 8 matches, 1 goal and no assists.

2009/2010 - 4 matches, 1 goal and 1 assists.

2010/2011 - 2 matches, no goals and no assists.

2011/2012 - 5 matches, 1 goal and 1 assist.

TOTAL - 25 matches, 5 goals and 3 assists.

General Comments :

Before I start this profile, if it sounds like a rant I am sorry. Mirallas is one of those players who could really have it all. He could be a truly exceptional player, he really could. Be he already thinks that he is all that, or at least it looks like it when he plays. Furthermore, he doesn’t seem like he cares when he goes out on the pitch, well not for the team anyway. He just seems to care about tricks, flicks, skills and thrills. Moreover, he is apparently the ''Belgium Ronaldo'', and actually, get rid of the Belgium, and he could be Ronaldo mark 2, but he needs to work hard on his game. He could be exceptional, but I think he is just going to stay as an average player. To conclude this introduction, to make a comparison between Mirallas and a player, I would have to say that he is quite similar to Walcott. More should become clear when I comment more on the player, but he seems a more skilful Walcott, but he seems to have all the downfalls that Walcott does. However, Walcott seems like he has matured a little bit - and doesn't seem a cocky player, whereas, Mirallas seems a cocky and immature player.

Anyway, I will try to keep this profile as fair and independent as I possibly can, and try to make sure that my anger with this player doesn't show through too much. Firstly, the player does have a huge amount of good things about him. By the comparison to Ronaldo, you can tell that he has skills and tricks, which I have mentioned already. He plays on the football field as a school kid on the playground. He uses his skills all the time. He has to pass using a skill, shoot in odd and new ways, he has stopovers a plenty, and odd and spectacular tricks in bucket loads. He really is a talented player in this way - he could be a free style trickster, he has the lot. But then, on a football pitch, do you need all the skills in the world? Too be fair to him though, he does use his skills effectively, and often dances around 4 or 5 players simply. If people have seen Luis Suarez' run against Manchester United, when he beats around 4 men, then this is what Mirallas does all the time in games. However, we are talking about a weak Greek league here, but he often can reproduce his skills in European competition too. Also, I have seem him a few times in International matches, and sometimes he can disappear, but also, mainly against weaker opposition, he can reproduce his stunning club form, and beat 4 or 5 men, quite easily.

Furthermore, positional, Mirallas is a striker, or attacking winger. He isn't the sort of player to get chalk on his boots, as he is always coming in field, thus why I believe he should just be played as an out and out striker, and not on the wings. But anyway, he seems quite a poacher. He seems to get on the end of crosses, and through balls, and is always in the right place. He is similar to Fabio Borini in that way, because he reads the game so well. That’s why it surprises me that he didn't score more goals while over in France. However, over in Greece, where he has made more of a name for himself, he plays more as a central striker; thus, he can show his skills at reading the game more. His finishing, similar to quality work strikers, is always emphatic. He seems to be able to always score from the edge of the box, and always when he is in it. He seems to score many a stunner form the edge of the box, on the volley, or half volley. To have his finishing ability - always hitting the ball hard and low into the corners, and the control he has over his placement shows that he has brilliant and underlying technique, and isn't a flash in the pan player - his quality will always be there.

When he goes forward, usually when he is on the wing, is when he gets to show off his skills the most. I have already commented on his skills, but when he does go forward attacking, he shows extremely good pace and power, not strength, but power and force when he goes forward. He seems to go forward with ease, in a dance around players. I mentioned Walcott mainly so that people can understand the pace of Mirallas, as he really is quick. To conclude the good characteristics of Mirallas, I think I should mention his forward thinking mind and passing, before I rip him to pieces in a minute. When he does decide to pass, not only is it a historic moment, but also it is always forward. To be fairer to him, I must admit that he does pick quality forward passes, and has that quality, which very few people in world football have, to pass through the eye of a needle. Also, if he has dropped slightly further back, then all his passes seem to go forward, so he is an attacking type player. Therefore, I would suggest that he would suit a good solid counter attacking team, so that his pace, power, skills and forward thinking and passing can be exploited to their best.

Unfortunately, I now am going to let out my rage at this player. However, I won’t comment on my anger that he doesn't seem to work hard enough to improve himself,so will only comment on the characteristics that anger me.

Firstly, and I have mentioned it before, he doesn't seem to know what the word ''pass'' means. He tries to do it all himself. He is fantastic is a terrible Greek league, he can do it all himself, but if he is to move to a harder league, he won’t be able to do it all himself. He really needs to learn how to pass, and get his head up. He's similar to Victor Moses in that way I would suggest. His head in looking at the ball and his feet, but he never looks where teammates or opposition are stood. He does what he wants to do, but not what is best for his team, and teammates. He really needs to look up and work for the team. Furthermore, he can try too much sometimes. When in Europe, he tries to do the same things that he does in the Greek league, running past all the opposition players 72 times before smashing it into the net. But it really doesn't work in Europe all the time. He cannot do it all himself. So therefore, he is a 'ball hogger' type player. He really needs to try more for his team, and be more confident in those teammates.

I think it is also important to mention his other poor attacking traits. I have mention 72 million times that he can beat all the opposition, but after he has gone past them all; he seems to snatch at shots. Instead of taking that extra step, stride, or touch, the minute he sees a little hint of goal, he takes a shot, even if he is overbalanced and not focused. Sometimes, and it is rare, he can smash them right into the top corner. However, often, they just dribble across the pitch, right into the goalkeeper’s hands, and unless he plays against Rob Green every week, he will never score!! He needs to take more time over shots, needs more composure, and then he should shoot, instead of shooting from anywhere whenever he gets a chance. As he snatches at shots and doesn’t keep his composure, he can waste really really really really good opportunities. I have seen one little bit of him, where he has actually danced past around 6 players, with just the keeper to beat, and he then smashes it 5 yards wide. This happens all too often with him - and he has to keep composure, he really does. Once he makes the chance for himself, I believe that he may take his mind of the ball because he believes that he made the chance for himself so it doesn’t matter if he then misses it. But it is so frustrating when he dances into a brilliant position, then rolls it into the goalkeeper’s hands or smashes over or wide.

A more technical problem I have found with him if his left foot. He doesn't seem to have one; well he doesn't use it at all. A few times, I have seen him smash a left footed volley into the top corner, but when he is dribbling, or going past players, or shooting, it always seem to be with his right foot. But I don’t think his left foot is that week, so I would love him to use it more. I would also like to comment on his dribbling and crossing ability. I really think they are non-existent. He tries to dribble everywhere, but I think touch can be too heavy, and he loses possession all too easily when he tries to go past players, because his touch is heavy. You see Messi and Ronaldo when they are dribbling, and they run at a rate of knots, but the ball is always at their feet. However, Mirallas, dribbles, kicks the ball forward a few yards, then chases it. That’s not dribbling, well not high quality anyway. His crossing is also poor, as he all too often hits the first man. If he gets it over the first man, he often hits his target, but it really is a rare moment is he avoids the first man.

To conclude my little profile on Mirallas, he goes down, all the time, like he has been shot, and it really is pathetic. He has the quality to go past people, but he takes the easy option to go down, and he could partner Ashley Young in the Olympics diving team - the way he goes down, does a few rolls over, hold all parts of his body, calls for an ambulance, and then asks if he can have a free kick. It is ridiculous, and he'll have a shock if he comes to the Premiership, as he would get hardly any of the fouls he does in the Greek league.

Would Mirallas cut it in England?

No, I really don’t think he would. He would have so little room in the Prem, meaning that his qualities, e.g. skills etc. would never be able to show through. Also, he goes down so easily, that when he does actually get fouled, he would get them, due to a reputation he would surely build up. Furthermore, he has so many weaknesses, meaning that he just couldn’t survive in the Prem. He is a more skilled Walcott, but whereas Walcott has improved his crossing, dribbling, finishing etc. I'm not sure Mirallas' technique and crossing would be up to scratch.

However, let me try to balance this out. If he does come to the Premiership, and he plays like he does in Greece, e.g. his skills, power and pace shine out, then he will become a star. Furthermore, it that happens, and he gets a coach who can convince him to work hard on his game, e.g. crossing, then he could become a real star. However, I just cannot see him performing in the premiership like he does in Greece.

Without being hypocritical though, I would say that if a team could sign him for less than £7m, then I would, just in the hope really he would play in England like he does in Greece. However, he would always be a threat as an impact sub for any team. But, I cannot see him coming that cheap, or playing that well unfortunately.

Summary of Mirallas :

Strengths: Poacher, skills, pace and power, goes past people for fun, easily beats his man, finishing and looks for the forward ball.

Weaknesses: Trying too much, snatching at shots, poorer left foot, wasting good opportunities, tries to do it all himself, goes down like he's been shot, doesn't know what the world ''pass'' means, dribbling and crossing.

The Business End of the Profile:

I mentioned at the top of the profile the teams that seem to have an interest in Mirallas at the moment. However, to add more to that, Bayern Munich attempted to sign the player, but the move never materialised. However, there also seems to be extremely strong interest from another German side, in Wender Bremen, who seems keen on the player. Furthermore, there also seems quite strong interest from both Lille and Toulouse, from France, where he has previous experience and should settle quickly. However, earlier this week, there were reports from Sky which suggested that both Arsenal and Liverpool could be interested in the player. However, this interest is unconfirmed, but, as the Ed's are mentioning, should either or both of Suarez and Carroll leave, then Mirallas is definitely an option for Liverpool, and he could become of interest of LFC. However, I think this transfer could be a slow burner, and take a while to get going. It could be one that drags on most of the summer, I would have thought.