Keisuke Honda

{Profile Posted 19/06/13}

Hello again all. I have tried to do this profile in a new format, so, please can yet let me know if you like this new format (which I hope will give you a better and fuller picture of the player) or the older format. Or maybe you would like a fission of the two? Anyway, let me know...


Date of Birth: - 13/06/1986

Height: - 1.82

Position: - CAM, Left CAM, CM

Contracted: - Yes, to CSKA Moscow. 6 months left on deal. HE ISNT on a bosman free this summer.

Build: - Slight

Injuries: - No major injuries.

Estimated Market Value: - £12 million, but on a free in 6 months.

Linked with: - Everton, Fulham, AC Milan


Strength- He is of a slight build, but determined, so will fight to keep/get possession.

Power- When running, he is stong and can bound through challenges, but, is onyl slight, so can be knocked off the ball.

Jumping- He is only small, so cannot jump very high.

Speed- He is a quick player, but, not super, Walcott-esqu speed.

Reaction- Very good reactions e.g. to through balls, to make passes, to pick up the lose ball.

Endurance- A good fit player. He is currently coming back from a slight injury. He can run hard for 90 minutes.

Body Movement- He is very agile due to his slight build, and can twist and turn very well.

Work Rate- He needs to track back more, especially to try to connect the midfield and front line. He must work harder for the team.


First Touch- Very good first touch.

Weaker Foot- He does rely on his main (left) foot, but can pass, and shoot, well with his right foot, and doesn't hesitate to do so.

Passing- A good range of passing and vision. He wont hit long switch balls, rather shorter sharper passes.

Tackling- Will get stuck in, e.g. to win the ball back if he loses it, but he isn't great in the tackle and can give silly fouls away.

Heading- Not good in the air.

Dribbling- A very good dribbler, but he can try to much. He has good pace and skills to beat his man, and often can beat 2, 3 or 4 men. He does however run into dead ends for half his dribbles.

Decision Making- Good decision making, and looks to be forceful, e.g. passing forward, tries to find players making forward runs. He does occasionally try a ball that isn't on, or goes for a harder ball when the simpler option is open. He does tend to pick the correct option and not shoot, and go for personal glory (more a team player).


Attacking Corners- Often takes corners. Solid corner taker.

Defending Corners- Provides an option to break.

Attacking Free Kicks- Takes free kciks. Very good accuracy and technique. Often on target and test the goalkeeper.

Defending Free Kicks- Provides an option to break.


Courage- Will get stuck in, both in the tackle and shoulder to shoulder.

Confidence- Confident, but not overly so.

Communication- Good communication to fellow players, but can complain a little too much.

Motiviation- Motivated to attack and score but not to defend and help his team by tracking back.

Concentration- Good concentration, especially when finishing/shooting.

Temperament- Calm and concentrates but he can complain a little too much to teammates for poor passes/crosses etc.

Additional Comments

Honda is a very good player, who, will hopefully get the move he deserves once he moves on from Russia in the Winter. He provides a great attacking option, and can link attacks, start attacks, play the final ball and score himself. He needs to work harder for the team, complain a little less, and make sure he picks the best option for the team. He needs to lay the ball off more when dribbling. He would be a great signing for any top team, e.g. Chelsea, Liverpool, Athletico Madrid, AC on a free.

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