Jordon Ibe

Jordon Ibe
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Jordon Ibe

Current Club: Bournemouth.

Previous Clubs: Liverpool, Wycombe Wanderers.

Loan Clubs: Derby County, Birmingham City.

International: England U21s.

Trophies Won: N/A.

At 15 years old, when Ibe was making his debut for Wycombe, he looked like a future world beating winger. Since then he moved to Liverpool and grew into a powerful, pacey winger who looked on the cusp of something special but just never quite breaking through. Now at Bournemouth and 22, he should be beginning to show what he can do more often than a flash or two of talent a season. However there is no sign of it clicking for him, as he still seems to be doing the same things that were unsuccessful last season.

There is something missing from his game, a mental aspect, as he just does not make the correct decision 99% of the time. When there is space in behind to attack, he will stop. He wants to copy old school wingers by stopping the defender in front of him, standing him up and then going, relying on his acceleration to beat them. It is easy to deal with when he does nothing to hide his intentions. His crossing is wayward, usually hitting the first man and he does not either shoot enough or get in the box enough to get chances.

Coaches and team-mates will all tell you that he is sensational on the training ground but he just cannot translate it to the actual pitch and are bemused as to why. Personally I think last night watching him against Man Utd showed exactly why. At one point he was battling away with Luke Shaw for a ball, a ball that he should be favourite to win, but he just gave up after little more than a token effort and let Shaw burst away from him with the ball with little more than a shrug.

When I was younger, we would hear wingers described as having a heart the size of a pea, that would shirk challenges and just wanted to do flashy tricks, rather than give their all for their team. Watching Ibe I get that impression from him. His heart does not really seem to be in it. Ibe feels like another youngster who got too much too soon and lost his way and has yet to find his desire again, if he ever will.