Jonathan David

Jonathan David

Jonathan Christian David

Current Club: LOSC Lille.

Previous Clubs: KAA Gent, Ottawa ISC.

Loan Clubs: N/A.

International: Canada 42 caps 25 goals.

Trophies Won: Jupiler League Golden Boot 2019/20. Gold Cup Golden Boot 2019. French League 1 2020/21. French Super Cup 2021/22.

I was taking a bit of extra notice of David for this season as I was wondering why, with all the goal scorers moving around and all the clubs still looking for a goal getter, he is still at Lille. In his last three seasons he has scored at a good ratio of goals per game, which would suggest he should be one of the top targets. Yet everyone that has shown interest has looked elsewhere.

It seemed a bit bizarre, especially when you consider the fact that the Canadian international has missed so few games through injury as well and has good pace and height. David was beginning to seem like a unicorn, an international striker that scores lots of goals, creates chances for others and is rarely injured, never having a serious injury either. So I thought I have to watch this lad play and see exactly why the 23-year-old was still at Lille.

Immediately upon watching him it was clear to see exactly what the issue was, David has a first touch like Romelu Lukaku, with the ball almost bouncing off him. It was clear that his goal record is in large part down to the way he is being used, rather than his actual ability. In a team that is not going to sit back and look to spring him in behind with a ball for him to chase he would be next to useless.

Suddenly it all made sense, the teams willing to pay the kind of money David would cost are not the ones that would want him. Those that could make use of a player like him are not likely to spend the kind of money he would cost. David does have a lot of quality, he is a confident finisher and has decent movement. Questions do have to remain over just how much further he can go unless he finds a way to improve that touch of his, something that will come down to a lot of hard work. If he has aspirations of being a truly top class striker, then David needs to start doing that little bit more.

When everyone else is done training, he needs to be out there working on that touch of his, putting in hours like so many others have done to reach the top. If David does that, then he will get his big move and get to play in a team that is challenging for trophies on a regular basis. If he is not willing, then he will forever be one of those could have been stories of a player that has not made the most of his talents.

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