Joao Pedro Neves Filipe

Joao Pedro Neves Filipe
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Joao Pedro Neves Filipe (Jota)

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Current Club: Real Valladolid (on loan from SL Benfica)

Previous Clubs: N/A

Loan Clubs: Real Valladolid

International: N/A

Trophies Won: Portugese League 2018/19. European Under-19 Championship 2018. European Under-17 Champions 2016. Portugese Super Cup 2020.

This was a difficult profile to do, partly because Jota just threw up results for Diogo Jota instead, but mainly because I had to watch more games than I usually would just to see enough of him on the ball. Against the likes of Real Madrid, he barely got on the ball at all to have a look at what he can actually do with it.

Because of that I will start with his work off the ball, which saw him work hard, chasing back and covering at corners, though positionally he is suspect when the defence is set. I saw a tendency to look to cheat and edge forward looking for a break, which could often leave his full-back overrun.

He is quite small, which probably explains why he mainly plays out wide, rather than through the middle, and awful in the air. Jota has a good leap but he seems scared to be involved in any kind of contact while in the air and missed a couple of headers as a result.

He is mainly right-footed and often plays on the left, but can play across the whole of the front line. Speed is a key asset of his, not so much outright pace, but acceleration and lightning quick feet that allow him to run with the ball at pace and have the ability to just nudge it away from a challenge at the last second.

His technique is very good and he is skillful, but his shooting was terrible in the games I saw, extremely weak and lacking in confidence. It is clear that Jota's skillset is similar to the players Wolverhampton Wanderers tend to use around Raul Jiminez. Quick, good at running with the ball and creating space.

Having watched him, he did remind me of his namesake Diogo Jota at Liverpool or Pedro Neto on the ball, though without the finishing of those two. I would not be surprised to see him end up at Wolves some time in the near future.

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Written by Ed001 April 03 2021 11:24:40