Jay Spearing

{Profile Updated 01/09/12}

Date of Birth: - November 25, 1988

Height: - 1.68 m

Position: - Defensive Midfielder

Nationality: - English

Current Club: - Bolton (On a season long loan deal)

Estimated Market Value: - 2-3 million pounds

Linked with: - Just moved on a season long loan

Club Statistics


2008-2012 - 30 matches, 0 goals

Leicester (Loan)

2009-2012 season - 7 matches, 1 goal

General Comments:

This profile isnt going to be a particularly long one because everyone generally know what Spearing is like. Here goes though.

I like Jay Spearing, people seem to think he is a clumsy oaf who cant control a ball but hes actually got a pretty good touch and has improved a lot over the last year. He is a very hard working player who always strives to do what is best for the team on the pitch. He has a great engine and can run all day, this is a fantastic attribute to have in a player because you know that everytime you put them on the pitch they will give you 100%. That's exactly what Spearing does, he plays every game as if it were the last game of his career.

Spearings distribution is actually pretty good. He does not give the ball away that often, and passes the ball with excellent pace on it. However, he does not have a penetrating ball. He doesnt have the ability to pass the ball through the oppositions midfield in order to find the strikers feet. This is critical for a midfielder to have if they are to succeed at a big club, without this attribute sides can be left going from side to side across the pitch before losing patience and thumping it long.

Spearing also is not nearly mobile enough to play for a top team and succeed. He is simply lacking in any kind of pace and as a result often gets beaten by his man. Spearing is also a very short player and gets pushed off the ball far too often for me.

Spearing is a decent player without being a world beater. He is simply not good enough for a club with top four or title winning ambitions, he doesnt have the necessary techinchal ability or athleticism to be a force in a top clubs midfield. However I think for a mid table premier league club or a top championship club he would be an extremely effective player and fit in very well.

I feel for Spearing because I dont believe there are many Liverpool players who have the same passion for the club that he does, however passion is not always enough and at the end of the day if he were from anywhere but Liverpool he would not be a Liverpool player. So unfortunately for him I think it is everyones best interest if he leaves the club.

Summary Spearing:

Strengths: Passion, stamina, tenacity.

Weaknesses: Passing range, physical size, slow.

The Business End of the Profile:

Spearing has joined Bolton on a season long loan. He had looked set to join a team on a permanent deal, but, as he didn't want to leave Liverpool, teams were put off the player. Therefore, a loan was the only other option. I believe that all his wages are being paid by Bolton, but dont believe there to be a loan fee or a future fee that have been agreed. If a loan fee has been agreed, if may only be a 5 digit sum.

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