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Date of Birth: - 21.04.1992

Height: - 5ft 9 inches

Position: -Midfielder

Nationality: -Spainish

Current Club: - Malaga

Estimated Market Value: - £20 million (but will go for less due to Malaga's financial woes)

Linked with: - Just about anyone and everyone

Club Statistics


2010/2011 season- 7 matches, 2 goals and 0 assists

TOTAL 32 matches 2 goals and 0 assists


2011/2012 season- 33 matches, 5 goals and 4 assists

2012/2013 season- 2 matches, 0 goals and 0 assists

TOTAL 21 matches 3 goals and 0 assists -

International Statistics

Spain U21

2011- season- 6 matches 4 goals

General Comments:

Francisco Román Alarcón or Isco as many will know him by is an exceptional player, this boy is so classy its unthinkable. The most surprising thing to me is the composure this boy has at 20 years old; to have such composure is quite amazing. It is one of the very few attributes footballers at his age have. Although hes 20 years old, his brilliance on the pitch shows and he stands out nearly every match, it makes me excited even talking about him!

His first touch is one of the best ive seen, and the technique this boy has just embarrasses the older players. Even with players like Cazorla he would stand out. Even at such a young age the opposition players are targeting him, hes constantly getting fouled and you almost get scared every time he gets tackled because you don't want to see such an amazing player get injured.

Futhermore, his dribbling is great, he doesn't have to do 10 stepovers before going past a player he literally just has to run past them. ( Iniesta esque) It is that easy for him the ball is glued to his feet nearly all the time. Also the vision this boy has is brilliant, he is just so creative, even when you think that theres nothing on for him to do, he will find a pass/shot/cross out of nowhere. He also has the skill and ability to then be able to carry out the pass/cross/shot as well - often you would see players have the vision to spot a pass but never able to fulfil it, but Isco most definitely can.

However for all the good things about Isco there are as many bad thing, such as his greediness; yes a Spanish player that is greedy! Hes very good on the ball no doubt, but he dwells on the ball for far too long, he tries to do too much and it often frustrates his teammates who are constantly berating him for not passing. But you could flip it and say it just shows how confident he is at 20 years of age.

Another part to his game that needs improving, is his discipline. It is quite funny, because for all the amazing Spanish attributes he has, he also has the most unfamiliar ones, hes very rash in the tackle and it often makes you wonder why did he do that? On this site we often point out a players lack of defensive contribution to the team, but this player is better of standing on the sidelines until his team get the ball. He got himself 2 red cards last season and to be perfectly honest that isn't acceptable for an attacking midfielder. He gets especially angry when hes tackled hard and very often starts a fight with the player that tackled him, you can already see his teammates face when he gets up from a tackle ��oh no, here we go"

Finally his finishing is very poor too many times he will get in a position to score and he will miss. If hes going to improve as a footballer and get to the very top hes going to have to improve his goal to games ratio.

To conclude, although it may seem Isco isn't that good, trust me when I say this guy would be in the top 10 players in the world in 5 years time. Hes that good, even at 20 i would say he deserves to move but obviously he needs play games. My only fear is that his attitude could be his downside because he may end up becoming a player like Diego (Wolfsburg) and waste his talent.

Summary of Isco;

Strengths: Passing, , vision, creativity, dribbling, composure, control, first touch

Weaknesses: finishing, discipline, tackling, attitude in a match,

The Business End of the Profile;

As I predicted, Isco stayed where he was over silly seasons finale. However, I still believe that if Malagas financial woe continues, then he may be forced to go in January, as he could fetch quite a decent sum. If he does stay through January however, then there is no doubt he will leave next summer


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