Date of Birth: - 25/07/86

Height: - 1.80

Position: - Striker, Right Winger

Contracted: - Yes. Zenit

Build: - Large/Big/Muscular

Injuries: -

Estimated Market Value: - Brought for 40m Euro, but isn't worth anything near that.

Linked with: - Chelsea


Strength- Extremely strong, and can easily beat a player shoulder to shoulder.

Power- Very powerful, and can beat his man with strength and also in the air.

Jumping- Decent in the air, but often wont be scoring many headers, unless they are simple. He will often not challenge for the ball from corners, or crosses, unless its along the ground.

Speed- Quick for the first 10 metres or so, but overall not quick, due to his size.

Reaction- Good reactions, i.e. to through balls, or to a lose ball. That comes with being Brazilian and a striker.

Endurance- He should get through most matches with little or no problems, due to his work rate.

Body Movement- He isn't the most agile due to size.

Work Rate- Terrible. He doesn't track back so endurance isn't an issue.


First Touch- Good, solid and reliable. Very rarely lets the ball escape his trap.

Weaker Foot- His right foot is avoided at all costs, so it is poor.

Passing- Poor. He often gives the ball away, due to trying over expansive play. He is very often unaccurate with even short passing.

Tackling- He doesn't tackle, and if he does, it is a striker challenge. A foul.

Heading- He is good in the air due to his size, strength and power, but he often wont challenge (as mentioned) at corners or for crosses, unless it is with his feet. He wont score many goals with his head.

Dribbling- He is a good dribbler, but he will often try too much, and can overrun the ball or run out of options.

Decision Making- Decent decision making. He often picks the wrong option when passing, crossing or playing the through ball but is is the right place at the right time for tap ins.


Attacking Corners- Often takes corners or will provide an option. He will rarely challenge for the ball in the box.

Defending Corners- He may have to mark a player, but can provide an option on the edge of the box for the break.

Attacking Free Kicks- He often takes free kicks, and has a bullet of a shot. However, although impressive, he scores very few, and can waste these chances.

Defending Free Kicks- In the wall or providing an option on the edge of the box.


Courage- He will go into challenges, such as shoulder to shoulder, or challenge in the air. He is courageous, due to his strength.

Confidence- He is over confident and tries too much.

Communication- Poor communication as he often makes runs that cannot be found, or provides poor balls to teammates.

Motivation- He isn't motivated to track back and help his team, but with give his all for personal glory.

Concentration- Poor concentration, as he can miss easy chances and doesn't concentrate enough to provide simple passes.

Temperament- Selfish and lazy.

Additional Comments

Hulk is a player, who after a 40m Euro move everybody suddenly thought was amazing. He had a tricky year in Russia, and although linked with Chelsea, he isn't good enough for them. He isn't good enough to be lazy. The top players have an excuse, but he isn't a top player, due to being wasteful with possession.

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